Finding Dory in Japan

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Pixar is giving us a new Nemo adventure on the big screen but the Oriental Land Company is giving their guests a new Nemo attraction in the parks. OLC has just announced the new attraction for Tokyo DisneySea. The attraction will be themed to the well beloved Finding Nemo movie and the upcoming Finding Dory movie. The ride will be created with the help of the Finding Nemo movie production staff. They will be helping with the visuals of the new experience.

NemoRide2The ride will be placed in the Port Discovery section of the park. It will replace the existing StormRider simulator. The StormRider attraction is set to close in May 2016 so construction for the new Nemo ride can start with a target opening planned for Spring 2017.

The attraction will take place in a submarine. Guests taking place inside the sub will shrink to the size of the fish around them and will then be taken on an adventure by Nemo and Dory.

Pictures copyright Disney

New Lands for Tokyo Disneyland

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

TokyoAlice280415The Oriental Land Company has released new artwork for Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland project.

On the first piece of artwork an area is showing off an Alice in Wonderland theme, while a second picturesshows the entrance of the Beauty & The Beast “Be Out Guest” area. Looks like Tokyo will be getting their own version of this popular Walt Disney World restaurant.

TokyoBeOurGuestThese new lands are part of a huge redevelopment of Fantasyland and more new or different themes might find their way into the park. There is no fixed information when to expect the new Fantasyland to open, but we can expect it to open in phases as it will be a big undertaking. Opening of the first phase can be expected somewhere in 2017.

A third piece of artwork the Oriental Land Company has released is for DisneySea. A new port will be build inside this beautiful park carrying a Scandinavia theme. Part of the area will be themed after the Disney hit Frozen. The Arendelle castle is clearly recognisable on the artwork. It looks as if there is enough room for a Frozen attraction inside the mountains. Again, no info on opening dates except to expect it somewhere in 2017.


There you have it, another reason to plan a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. As if one needs another reason!

Pictures courtesy of the Oriental Land Company

Don’t be late!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

FastPass has been part of a Walt Disney World visit since years. You get your FastPass for the attraction you want to visit and then you enjoy the rest of the park until it’s time to return on the designated time printed on the ticket without the long queue. There are, however, some changes coming our way. The rumour has been out for a while but now it looks like the Disney company is preparing their cast Members to enforce a new rule. While it was normal to stop people to enter an attraction before their time frame started it was also custom to let anybody on with a FastPass that already expired. (As long as it was for that day). 

With the new rules in place however, this will no longer be possible. According to the rumours FastPasses will no longer be accepted after their time frame. There might be a 15 minute window after the printed time, but once that has past the ticket will no longer be valid.

The other change might be that they will also open a small early window for those arriving 5 minutes before their FastPass printed time. This might help to get rid of the blockage in front of a FastPass entry by those turning up a little early and where asked to wait. Will it works? Only time will tell.

(via screamscape)

Avatar Kingdom

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

It’s been the biggest news since yesterday, Avatar coming to the Animal Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. Disney has closed a deal with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Filmed Entertainment to bring the world of Avatar to the Disney parks.

James and his producing partner Jon Landau and their team at Lightstorm Entertainment will serve as creative consultants on the project and will work side-by-side with our Walt Disney Imagineers as we dream up experiences that will take our guests deep into worlds of AVATAR like never before. (Disneyparks Blog)

Who is excited? Well, I am not. While I think that the Avatar movie is amazing I don’t like the idea of it going into a Disney park, let alone the Animal Kingdom park. I see the Animal Kingdom park as a Imagineering masterpiece and I just don’t see it fitting in here, even if it could be linked with nature. Alien nature in the Animal Kingdom park?

There are two more movies planned in the Avatar universe, but what happens after that? Will it stay as big as Star Wars? Will it stay as cool as Indiana Jones? (Even with the last movie being a disaster). Or will it be the Harry Potter impact that Universal got? I am not so sure. Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter are timeless that might need some updates over time (Like Star Wars just had), but will Avatar also become a timeless story. If you look at the secondary market (toys, collectibles, etc), Star Wars, and Harry Potter are everywhere (Indiana Jones not so much). Avatar, can’t remember when I’ve seen anything in the shops anywhere. With Avatar in the park there will be a continuous live for the franchise. But will they be able to turn it timeless?

I am a big Disney fan and love the parks. I will give it a chance and hope I am totally wrong, but for now I am very skeptic.

On the other hand, if the Imagineers get the money and resources they need we might get to see an incredible land with amazing Disney attractions. At the end of the day, that’s what people and Disney park fans like me get excited.

The web has been the place where people put up some questions about Disney’s decision and Tom Staggs, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has added some answers to them. One of the questions was one that popped up in my head to; Why buy someone else’s idea instead of letting WDI come up with something? Find out what Tom Staggs has to say about this and read his other answers on the Disneypark blog.

Disney Imagineers / Marvel Imagineers

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Will the first Marvel attraction find its way into a Disney park? With Disney owning Marvel this question wasn’t about “if”, but “when”. Now it looks like the Disney Imagineers are working on an idea to bring a first Marvel attraction into the parks. This rumored possibility comes from the mouse itself in the form of an interview in the next issue of D23, the Disney magazine.

In an interview with Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel Studios, some ideas are put forward regarding bringing Marvel to the Disney parks.

“It’s the biggest dream of all. We get to tap into this spectacular team that is better than anyone else on the planet at bringing fantasy to life, not only on the big screen but in the real world,” said Feige.  (via Movies.IGN)


Imaginations pavilion’s Second Floor

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

You want to know what the second floor of the Imaginations pavilion in Walt Disney World’s Epcot looks like today? Check out this video.

Don’t know how they got in and where ablo to film, with the lights on in the old Rainbow Tunnel, but although it’s fun to see some Disney history we do advice to follow the Disney rules and don’t go wandering of to closed off spaces. (more…)

New Track for Big Thunder Mountain?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

It looks like Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland in Anaheim will be closed very soon for most if not all 2012. The ride is looking at a full track replacement making it a better and improved experience. According to some rumors it was Tony Baxter who talked about this first back in 2009 during a special 30th anniversary party for the beloved attraction. Back then he said the track would be replace, work would be done on the mountain and changes to the queue area.

Source Screamscape

Digital Ghosts

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The Haunted Mansion at the Magic kingdom in Walt Disney World is undergoing some changes, not only outside in the queue area, but also on the inside. A big chance will be at the final of the ride where the hitchhiking ghost scene is being replaced with a little more modern ghosts of the digital age. Check out the video embedded below from the always fantastic podcast show Inside the Magic for the changes in the attraction.

Don’t like it? Don’t worry, it’s a temporary change while waiting for a bigger and better update of the attraction’s final scene.

Plan everything… EVERYTHING

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Disney has released some of their future ideas regarding guests planning their stay at Walt Disney World. New technology will allow travelers to plans almost everything in advance from their home computer. This new project is known as “Next Generation Experience” or “NextGen”. Disney has been working on this project for a good year with a budget said to be $1 billion.

And once this new “tool” is in place, what will guest be able to do and plan in advance. Pretty much everything there is to do in WDW. Guest will be able to make and create their own “FastPass” ticket for the whole of their stay. Plan and book show seats in advance, plan your attraction tickets in advance and pre-book other Disney experiences for your trip. It will all be possible from your home computer. There is no date set yet when this will start, but Disney is very serious about these new planning experience and has applied for patents related to the NextGen tool and has signed a confidentiality agreement with a company that makes radio-frequency identification, or RFID, microchips that can be used in tickets or wristbands. (more…)

How about Australia?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

It has been floating on the web, the rumored expansion of Animal Kingdom with a new land. The new land is Australia and would give Disney the chance to expand the Animal Kingdom with a rumored marine life display. Animal Kingdom is already a big place, but there is enough room for this land. My concern however is the animals that could be housed here. Would Disney go and compete against SeaWorld when they add Dolphins or even Killer Whales? I don’t think so! Seaworld is already doing a great job and have established themselves as the one and true sea life marine park with shows that can hardly be competed with. However, after the Killer Whale issues and the dead in the SeaWorld park this year, would Disney even take the risk to explore that road? (more…)

54 Different Star Tour Experiences

Friday, October 1st, 2010

With the new Star Tours attraction opening getting closer, Disney starts to share more news. One exiting news is that the ride will not just be a new ride, but one with 54 possible different experiences. It will be difficult to ride every experience during your visit to the parks. It will even be very unlikely you’ll experience the same ride twice in a row, or even at all, when you visit Star Tours. Sounds very exciting and a reason to ride the attraction again and again. It will be interesting to see if Disney will announce this in some way at the attraction’s entrance as not everybody rides attractions multiple times to find that out for themselves.


Music in Space

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Sometimes less is more, and Disney proofs this with their little enhancement the did on Space Mountain in Walt Disney WOrld. From now on music can be heard on your trip in space. But instead of changing the ride vehicles and add on board speakers they opted to keep the vehicle in their original form and added the music to track frame. This music can’t be heard from everywhere, but only when you pass through. This makes the experience even more special, even so when every time you pass you might here a different sound or piece of music. Want to know more? Read this great interview with an Imagineer who was part of this “little” change. Can’t wait to ride it!

Here is a video from Orlando Attractions Magazine

The Tower to Blame

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

What happens if you rode Tower of Terror 12 years ago and you get a stroke 3 weeks after that? You sue Disney! That’s what a 80 year old man thought he could do when he suffered a stroke after a tear to an artery which he claims happened during the ride 12 years ago.

The jury however ruled otherwise and didn’t agree with the claims. The man wanted Disney to pay his medical expenses and his $600,000 in lost wages.

It’s a shame for the man he had to go through this in his live, but trying to blame something or someone over it isn’t right. I guess he hoped to get some money out of it to make up for his lose during this hard times in his life. Hope he can pick up the pieces and go on with life (via

Awesome Aerial Picture of Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit

Sunday, March 29th, 2009


While the Mousekingdom Blog is all about the magical world of Disney we can’t help ourself to sometimes talk about some other great stuff in the world of theme parks. For me that’s especially true when it comes to Roller Coasters. It’s never been a secret that I love Island of adventure too (although Harry Potter could change this feeling as I am not a fan of that change in the park), and when visiting Walt Disney World, a visit to the Universal Parks is a given. However, Universal Studios has not been on my list of favorites. Nor me or my family are a fan of the park and the only reason I returned there in 2007 was because of my love for Halloween Horror Night. But… then they came up with Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit and I have been following the project from the beginning. Now, I can’t wait to return to Universal on our next trip to try that monster! All it needed to convince me to visit their park again was too add a great coaster (See how easy I am pleased).

So why this long introduction? Here is one awesome picture from the new ride, taken from a helicopter above the Studios. You can find the big version on the site. Not only will you be able to gaze on the fantastic photo, but you can also follow the work done on the coaster on the site. There are always a great set of construction pictures added on regular basis. Enjoy the ride…

Picture copyrights Jordan Scarano

Final Lap on Test Track for GM

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

testtrackpinTest Track in Epcot opened to the public on March 17 , 1999 (with soft opening started at December 19, 1998). The ride is associated with General Motors from the beginning. They pay multiple millions every year as part of their 10 year sponsor deal with Disney. But this can now come to a full stop. GM isn’t doing to well (read extremely badly) and needs to save money wherever it can to save the company. One of those savings could come from sponsorships.

GM has been asking for money from the government and can’t just go and spend that money without giving it a good thought. But, like every business, you can only make money when you spend money. Sponsor deals are part of that. It makes people aware of your product, get them interested a make them buy the product. If you stop sponsorship (or advertisement) the awareness will be gone and sales will not be able to pick up at all. One could wonder if backing out on the Test Track sponsorship would be a good move.