Finding Dory in Japan

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Pixar is giving us a new Nemo adventure on the big screen but the Oriental Land Company is giving their guests a new Nemo attraction in the parks. OLC has just announced the new attraction for Tokyo DisneySea. The attraction will be themed to the well beloved Finding Nemo movie and the upcoming Finding Dory movie. The ride will be created with the help of the Finding Nemo movie production staff. They will be helping with the visuals of the new experience.

NemoRide2The ride will be placed in the Port Discovery section of the park. It will replace the existing StormRider simulator. The StormRider attraction is set to close in May 2016 so construction for the new Nemo ride can start with a target opening planned for Spring 2017.

The attraction will take place in a submarine. Guests taking place inside the sub will shrink to the size of the fish around them and will then be taken on an adventure by Nemo and Dory.

Pictures copyright Disney

The making of TOY STORY – and the meddling of Disney

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Deadline Hollywood – the online source for movie business news including a great write-up each weekend of the US box-office – provided Disney and in particular PIXAR afficionados with unique reading material lifting the curtain of PIXAR history a bit. This past Sunday Deadline Hollywood released an exclusive excerpt from the book  “The CG Story: Computer Generated Animation and Special Effects” by Christopher Finch which provides a look into the world of CGI, its introduction into the magic of movie making driven by determined indivuduals such as Pixar’s John Lasseter and Ed Catmull and how it in this process changed the movie business.

So why should you head over to Deadline for the excerpt? Well, because Deadline chose the perfect excerpt if you are interested in the history of Disney and Pixar animated features: the story of how the original Disney Pixar hit “Toy Story” came about and how the meddling by Disney executives nearly derailed the project that not only ushered in the period of CGI dominance at the animated box office but also shaped the relationship between Disney and Pixar. But enough said – time for some quality reading…

A Little More MyMagic+

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

A little more information is leaking regarding the MyMagic+ wristbands. Walt Disney World Hotel bookers and Annual passes will get the bands at no extra costs but the future plan is to have all guests wear a wristbands with the RFID integrated.

The wristbands will be available in different colors or themes. Some of these Disney themes can be from a Pirates of the Caribbean, some of the Pixar characters, Disney princesses and many more. It is also rumored that there could be some special wristbands done by other companies like Dooney & Burke and Swarovski and for those that don’t like wearing anything around their wrist there might be alternatives coming in the form of keychains and other jewelry.

We Are Back

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

It has been a while since you’ve seen an update here but as you can see we are back in action.

So what happened? Why where we gone?

Well, we had to fight some technical difficulties on the blog that had forced it into a complete black-out.

It took a while to find the error, but as you can see the Mousekingdom blog is back on-line. Unfortunately we did loose some date, but that will not stop us from adding new stuff.

So if you like Walt Disney, Disney Parks, Disney movies and anything else related to the world of Disney (and more), brace yourself as we are ready for GO!…

Number 4 in, (a) number 2 out?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Time for a double new header from Pixar …

The first one concerns a potential fourth full length feature in the Toy Story franchise. While the stars of the series recently returned in a short going on vacation in Hawaii (screened before CARS 2) no word had been out so far concerning whether another full length feature is considered. However, San Diego Entertainer reports that Tom Hanks during a recent interview with the BBC was asked whether there might be a fourth movie and replied: “I think there will be, yeah, I think they’re working on it now”. Sounds great? Well, just don’t forget: this is nothing like an official confirmation “working on it now” might also mean that Pixar is in a blue sky phase throwing around potential story ideas. There is no reason to believe that a movie is ready to go into actual production anytime soon…

The second news was reported by The Hollywood Reporter – and concerns the exit of Brad Lewis from Pixar. The 10-year veteran of Pixar who produced Ratatouille and co-directed Pixar’s current movie “CARS 2″ is leaving Emeryville to head to Florida where he is said to join Digital Domain’s newly founded Tradition Studios who are supposed to create CG features as well. The field of CG movie studios is getting more crowded by the day…

Both news today were brought to our attention through the great TAG blog of the Animation Guild 839.

More Cars II Video Game Fun

Friday, June 17th, 2011

This time Disney Interactive Studios released a new video with some of the Voice actors that will play roles in the new video game Cars II. The new video game from Disney/PIXAR will feature the voices of Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, Tony Shalhoub as Luigi, Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell, and John Turturro as Francesco Bernoulli. Below you can see a video of the actors having some fun with the characters of the game.

Video curtsy of Disney. Copyrights Disney/PIXAR, Disney Interactive Studios

Press release below: (more…)

More Disneyland Paris Sand…

Friday, June 10th, 2011

After adding a first collection of pictures of yesterdays incredible Sand Sculptures Festival opening event I wanted to share another lot of pictures with you today.

So here they are, more Disneyland Paris and Disney Characters made out of sand from the Sand Sculpture Festival in Blankenberge.

Some more Disneyland Paris scenes including a view on Main Street U.S.A., Pixar characters from Monster Inc and Cars, and more

For more info  and more pictures on the event visit our previous blog entry about the event.

Enjoy the pictures…

The Elite

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The new Cars movie is looking to be great and if the movie is as good as the trailers it could be even better then the first one. That’s something that doesn’t happen a lot at the movies, a sequel that beats the first one, but at Pixar they are pretty good at changing this. They proofed it with Toy Story!

Every great movie also gets a new video game and it’s no difference with Cars. Disney Interactive has released a second video about their new game. The video is called “The Elite” and it looks like a lot of fun. If the game is as good as the trailer (and I am sure it will be), we will have a winner…

The game will be available for Xbox 360/Xbox Live, PS3, Wii and Nitendo DS. You can pre-order them here. The game will be available as from June 21, 2011

Video curtsy of Disney – Copyrights Disney

Cars II Royal Wedding Trailer

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Just in time for the Royal wedding: a new fun Cars II trailer…

(via StitchKingdom)


Sunday, April 24th, 2011

… from all of us here at the Mousekingdom Blog to everyone out there – and your families & friends.

As special bonus we would like to share with you a photo of what might very well be the most unique and creative home-made Disney Pixar Easter Egg … presenting EVE from WALL-E! It came to our attention via twitter (you know, you can follow us on twitter, don’t you?) where it was posted by it’s designer IamPumpkinQueen:

Egg #1  #Pixar  #HappyEaster on Twitpic

Exclusive Hidden Cars II Clip

Monday, April 4th, 2011

During the WonderCon convention guest had the chance to go home and discover a nice special clip from the new Cars II movie. All they had to do is spot a parked car with the twitter handler @ChromeLeaks on it, visit the twitter account and follow the link to where they would see a hoax car advertisement that had a hidden URL ( in it. This URL gets you to the exclusive clip. No worries though. You don’t have to do anything as we added the clip here…

Flying House – inspired by UP

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

ABC’s Good Morning America reported one of the most unbelievable sights – straight from the imagination of the Disney Pixar creators: a house flying with the help of a cluster of hundreds of balloons!

As can be seen in the video embedded below from the official ABCnews-Website a group of experts and volunteers went out to the desert to see if they could actual make a house fly – just as in the Disney Pixar hit UP that inspired them. Calculations revealed that it should be sort of possible – even if humans would be on-board as pilots. To this length they built a full-size outer shell of a light-weight house (OK, so they did bend the rules a bit there, but at least it looked like a real, full-sized house from the outside) in the desert and tethered it to hundreds and hundreds of huge balloons of various colors each holdinga full-size tank of helium … and got their house to actually soar high in the sky and by doing that settinga record for the largest cluster balloon flight ever!

But don’t just take my word … watch the video below:

Producers Guild of America Toy Story 3 Nominations

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The Producers Guild of America has announced their 2011 Theatrical Motion Picture and Television Nominations. This is the 22nd annual event and will take place on January 22nd during a ceremony where the winners will be announced. One of the nominees is Disney’s Toy Story III in the categories The Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures and The Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures.

In the animation category Toy Story 3 is up agains the fantastic How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me. But even with How to Train Your Dragon being a great movie, Toy Story 3 should be the favorite here as it is a fantastic movie.

Below a full list of all nominations and categories, including some ABC shows (more…)

Cars 2 in Europe (and Teaser Trailer)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Disney/Pixar has release a teaser trailer for their Cars 2 movie. The new movie looks like it might carry a Spy theme where the cars will visit many  locations in Europe. Three pieces of artwork shows Lightning McQueen racing in London and also show stills of Paris and Italy.

The new Cars 2 website has gone live too. Visit it to see the new teaser.


Art of Animation Resort… Art

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Disney has release some new artwork related to the Art of Animation Resort. On the artwork you’ll see some of the characters from the Finding Nemo movie in a water feature area. The resort will be inspired by 3 more Disney classics beside Finding Nemo. They are The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and one more Pixar movie, Cars.

The resort will open in Summer 2012 and will have 864 rooms for the Little Mermaid building and 1120 family rooms, that will accommodate up to six people, in the Cars, Finding Nemo and The Lion King buildings.

Picture copyrights Disney