Tower of Terror “Pictured” from Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

01_070209.jpgMany of us Disney fans love to hop from one park to the next one. While this can take some time when you are at Walt Disney World and go from one park to the next, at Disneyland Resort Paris this is a little bit easier. It takes you a 5 minute walk (or less if you have a good pace) to go from one gate to another. This is of course a little advantage if you want to visit both parks at the same day but might give some other disadvantages for the visitors. While you are at Walt Disney World you are pretty much enclosed into the park without obstructing views from the outside (except maybe for the Contemporary Hotel that can be seen from the Magic Kingdom) at the Disneyland Park in Paris you will be confronted with the outside life…


Disneyland Resort Paris New Years Trip: It’s all about Relaxation

Friday, January 19th, 2007

relaxingwatercheyenne.jpgTake your time… relax… breath it all in… enjoy… You have the time.

Many visitors come to the park for the first time and they try to do things to fast and one after the other without enjoying it. How many times did I hear from first timers that the queues where so long and hardly had the time to do everything.


Disneyland Resort Paris New Years Trip: It’s all about the Little Things

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

dwarfarmor.jpgWhen you visit Disneyland Resort Paris (or any Disney Theme Park) don’t forget about all the little things you can see around the park. People ask me how I can go to a Disney Park again and again… and again without being bored of it. Well, Disney parks are not all about the rides alone.

There is a lot of small stuff or hidden stuff around the park many people forget about. While they run from one ride to another I enjoy all the little things that make this place so special.

My favorite place and often forgotten by many (and it isn’t even that small) is the Dragon underneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This animatronics is amazing, a must see for everyone.


Disneyland Resort Paris for early birds!

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

earlybirdsatdisneylandresortparis.jpgAre you planning a trip to Disneyland Resort Paris? Then here is a tip from me to start the day before the rest of the park guests.

Get an Annual Dream Pass, it is worth getting the pass from the moment you stay 3 days or more. Not only will you have unlimited access for a year but also get a 20% Discount voucher for 1 meal and a 20% discount voucher good for a whole day of shopping. But the one thing so many forget about is the early entry option.


Disneyland Resort Paris trip report; Day 2 Highlights

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

EarlyBird.jpgOne thing I am not is being an early bird, but for some reason Disneyland changes this for me. On my first full day I entered the parking lot as the 10th car. It was 7:40 am and the park does not open until 9:00 am. There is early admission for resort guests who will have breakfast in the park and for those that have a Dream annual pass. Fantasyland is open as from 8:00 am for the early birds with a dream pass, with 2 rides operating as from 8:30 am. I walked into the park at 8:01 am and enjoyed the Main Street empty, walked over to Fantasyland and enjoyed a walk around the land before going on a Peter Pan Marathon. I am always surprised how little this extra service is used by Dream pass holders as I can ride the attraction on my own. Some of the guests that finish their breakfast early notice that the some rides are open and start joining in about 15 minutes before the park open to the general public.


Hong Kong Disneyland Dreamy Pictures

Monday, July 24th, 2006

HongKongTrip1.jpgDon’t you love those photo trip reports? I browse my favorite forums looking for just those. Today I came across a topic that promised me some great pictures from Hong Kong Disneyland. This time however it was not just a topic on a forum but a site created for the trip. It took him 4 months to edit the pictures and to create the site (He admitted being a little lazy as well as being very busy), but it was well worth the wait. Go have a look at some of the amazing pictures of this beautiful Disney Park in Hong Kong.

You will also find the info on the camera used to create this marvelous pictures.


Side Glance 06-07-06…

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Side Glance 06-07-06
(Dumbo at Disneyland Resort Paris)

Side Glance 06-05-25…

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Side Glance 06-05-25

Side Glance 06-03-08…

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

At Fantasyland (DLRP)

Something for History Buffs

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Stuff-from-the-Park-001.jpgOk, blogs are also supposed to be about sharing great stuff and especially great blogs one finds out there … so here is one for all those interested in the history of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, the only park Walt ever walked through:

Stuff from the Park publishes photos and items from the past of Disneyland (and other items). The latest post feature photos of the construction of the Main Street and the Fantasyland dark ride buildings which are not the more or less often seen official construction photos but material the blog’s author obtained through garage sales and at various other opportunities. Have fun browsing through the photos…