Disney Vacation Club at Contemporary Resort; Yes or No?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Rumors are, well rumors, until somebody makes an official announcement. One of those rumors Disney fans and especially Disney Vacation Club owners, are waiting for to be announced as real is the DVC wing at the Contemporary Resort. However, People close to the DVC project have dropped a little secret into somebody’s lap by mentioning that this is not the case. The preparation at the Contemporary is not DVC related.

akl-dvc1.jpgThe Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas are the only DVC expansion that is taking place right now. The next DVC location might not even be at Walt Disney World, but might well be beyond the borders of USA. Want to know more about this rumor about “no Contemporary DVC” versus the rumor about the “yes Contemporary DVC” listen to WDW radio podcast and special guest Shontell Crawford, former Cast Member and owner of DVCbyResale.com for more.

What will it be; Contemporary DVC, yes or no? And if you know more, why don’t you let us know here :-)

Contemporary DVC Wing: A “Watery” Step Closer?

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

dvcfiledwater1.jpgCould this filed permit with the local Florida water management system (pdf file) by the Disney Company be a little more proof that a new Disney Vacation Club wing at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World will happen?

With the Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC section announced I expected that the Contemporary Wing might have been for either a later date or maybe even canned (maybe because of high costs?), but with this filed document it looks like the new DVC wing might be closer as I thought it would be.

The permit expiration date is set to September 6, 2011 so nothing is final (Until Disney says so :-) ).

New Disney Vacation Club Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge

Thursday, October 12th, 2006


Disney has unveiled their plans to add new timeshare at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World. I am very new to Disney’s timeshare, just bought my first points, but with new timeshare at my favorite resort I might be getting some extra points there (once they start selling). However I don’t think this will be very easy as this resort is loved by many and it might be sold out in no time. You can find some extra information on the Orlando Sentinel site

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas will be the company’s eighth time-share property — the sixth at Walt Disney World — and was hailed Wednesday as a smart business decision.

Development of the Animal Kingdom Villas is scheduled in phases, with units to begin opening in fall 2007. The project is scheduled to be completed by spring 2009.

The first phase will include 134 remodeled accommodations on the fifth and sixth floors of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and additional phases will include the building of 324 vacation properties in a new building at the resort.

Welcome Home… again (I hope) – DVC story continues

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

DVCOldKeyWest.jpg…or at least I hope it will be with this second try to get a Disney Vacation Club contract. (Last time I didn’t make it true Disney’s Right of First Refusal).

It has been a while since my last try but this was the first offer that was of interest for me. While I did get an offer for another contract before this one it wasn’t interesting because it was stripped for 2007, meaning no points before 2008. As I planned to be there in 2007 this would not have been a good choice.


Is it real, a Rumor or a Prank Mail (about the 5th gate)?

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Villain-ClickM1.jpgRumors are fun, at least I think so. It is always some good fuel for chats, forums and blogs. Some rumors will see the day of light while others are so unbelievable they never come thru, or if they do we’re all very surprised. One rumor that has been posted on the VMK.forums is, although hard to believe, very interesting and something worth talking about.

Bob Iger wrote a mail, that was only intended for the top Disney executives, but looks like it also landed in the inbox from an intern. 3 nice rumors, of what would be a growth in Walt Disney World, that will fire up some nice talks or thoughts. While the first two might still sound believable, the third one might be a little bit of an overkill. I cannot stress “rumor” hard enough on this, but it was still something I wanted to blog about.


Contemporary DVC Wing

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

DVCnewScreamscape.jpgDisney Vacation Club is always growing and a rumored new wing at the Walt Disney World‘s Contemporary hotel, on the monorail route next to the Magic Kingdom, could be the next addition.

While Disney likes to keep secrets as long as possible an architect firm had a couple of pictures posted on their website (before they where removed again). Screamscape.com posted them on their website giving the rumor extra credibility.

Right of First Refusal

Monday, August 7th, 2006

DVCbook.jpgWhen buying DVC via a timeshare store Disney has a right to refuse the sale and buy the points back themselves. I am still puzzled about this right that they have and why they would want to use it when they can have potential new costumers. As Disney cannot sell outside the US (and I think UK and Canada) potential new DVC owner can only buy via other channels. Once a DVC contract found, like I did, it has to go through Disney for their RoFR. I didn’t expect them to use it on my contract, but they did… So now I’ll have to start the process over again and hope that the next time they will let me become a DVC member…

Welcome Home…

Friday, July 14th, 2006

SaratogaIntercot1.jpgWell, I am back from my holiday, so nothing much to be happy about… But only a couple of hours after I returned I got a phone call from the timeshare store. There was a 50 point contract for Saratoga Springs available!

Like I said, “was”, as it is no longer available after I agreed to buy it. Now it’s waiting for the contract and then I can start planning on my Disney Vacation as a Disney Vacation Club Owner…

Not to bad for a “home coming”, but I can’t wait for my “Welcome Home” at Disney thought. Didn’t think it would be so fast after I placed my request about 2-3 weeks ago. Still have to wait as Disney can use their “Right of First Refusal”, but I am confident they will not do this…

Disney Vacation Club: First Steps

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006


A couple of days ago I placed my request for a small DVC contract with the Timeshare Store. I wanted a small contract for several reasons. First of all a 150 minimum contract is not something I need now or want to do at this time. If I wanted to go for a 150 point contract I would have to go and have a talk to my bank. Instead of taking out a big loan I will start with a small contract I can afford for now. Once I am a member I can add on when I want or when I am ready. The first year (or even two years) the 50 points will do for me and my family.

I also decided Saratoga Springs is the right place for me. Although I love the BoardWalk Villas as a location I just can’t convince myself spending the same amount of money for a location that has 12 years less on its contract. With my plan to buy add on points during several years I feel this is the best option for me.


Mickey Mouse is Looking for a Place in Spain

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

ManilvaDisney.jpgThe Times published an interesting article found by a member of the DLP.Info Community about Disney buying land in Spain; “Spanish resorts building up to a Costa del Disney”. The land is bought in Manilva in Spain, about 1200 miles (1934km) away from Disneyland Resort Paris.

For sure Disney will not build a new park but we might be looking at a new Disney Vacation Club location or maybe a tie in with a permanent Disney Cruise.