Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Just booked our next Walt Disney World stay at our home resort Old Key West, end of August. It is only the first part of our booking as we will have some extra time at our other home resort, the Animal Kingdom Villas. For the second booking the 11 month window wasn’t reached yet, but you can imagine I am already excited about the first booking. In a couple of days AKV can be added and then we will have to wait for the 7 month window so we can book Vero Beach! Although it sounds like a lot of Disney, we will have some extra days to fill up. We are thinking Miami or the Keys, but anybody with a good and nice idea, either location or adventure, can always let us know here…

Countdown can start now!

The Rock in Space…

Friday, September 19th, 2008

After the success of the Pirate movies Disney is looking to do it all over again. This time they want to go to space and use Tomorrowland as their base.

A good movie, or in this case concept, will also need some good actors. While Johnny Depp made the pirates what it is today, it’s going to be Dwayne Johnson that will have to proof himself that he will be able to do the same for Disney next space odyssey. Good choice? You know what! I do think so. Dwayne is a man with many talents and has proven himself worthy as a entertaining pro wrestler (The Rock) as well as an actor. While most of his movies have not been box office number ones, they are entertaining and fun to watch…

Happy Birthday from Disney to you

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts department announced today that if you come to a national Disney park (Walt Disney World or Disneyland) on your birthday, you’ll get your day ticket for free. This is part of the new campaign “What will you celebrate?” that will kick of in 2009. While Disney already has a big chunk of the birthday cake from people like me, who love to celebrate inside a park for their birthday, they will now get even more people to visit the park.

This is one great move by the Disney company as the free Birthday boy or girl will bring in more cash then Disney would loose on giving away the ticket. The birthday person might be in for free, but who wants to celebrate alone? So there comes the rest of the family and friends!

I can already see an increase in sales on birthday cakes and special birthday gifts… And it is easy to say “I got my ticket for free, so I can buy an extra Disney gift for myself with the money I saved”. Brilliant move by Disney.


Early Halloween!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

It’s only September but Halloween has already emerged in Walt Disney World. With pain in my hart I will not be able to visit Orlando during my favorite time of the year so all I can do is browse the web in search for some pictures on the 2008 Halloween season.

If you want to have a first look, but can’t visit yourself, check out the nice Halloween picture collection on Mousesteps for a first impression.

Picture from Mouseteps. Click on the picture to see the whole collection.

Early Planning starts NOW!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

It might sound like it is still far away, but in less then 12 months we will be at Walt Disney World again. As there are many Disney fans visiting here I don’t have to explain how I am looking forwards too it. After, with a little envy, following Andrea’s adventures here on the blog (thank you for sharing your magic) I can now really start to plan and to look forwards to our next trip…

September will be a great month as the 11 month window for some of my Disney Vacation Club rooms are closing by. I’ll be able to book the last two weeks of August, but will have to wait for the 7 month window to book the planned Vero Beach visit. Also the flight tickets can be booked at the end of September.


WDW live part 7

Friday, August 15th, 2008

2 quick notes which came to my mind after illuminations;

1. Gosh I can’t decide if I prefer Illuminations, Fantasmic or Bravissemo!
God the dilemas of the a Disney fan!

2. Why is it that each nationality tends to get drunk in Epcot at there own countries watering hole?
Brits at the rose & crown
Germans at the Biergarden
French at the wine bar
Italians at…??? (ok we drink everywhere ;-)

It looks funny when you look into it ;-)

WDW live part 6

Friday, August 15th, 2008

or “how after wednesdays burn out thursday was laid back”.

Some people call it “Orlando Commando mode”!

As for me it might apply to any of the 5 resorts I call it my “Disney rideathon”
Mode! Ie wanting to ride as many rides, or hop between parks, till my legs can’t support me anymore (and I do go to the gym daily …not only for this)!

Well after yesterdays heavy day today I decided to give myself a brake!
As I had scheduled a lunch at the tune in lounge (love the place and idea) with a friend working in TDO I decided to wake up lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (say 1045ish ;-) and go direct to Disney MGM (er; Hollywood) Studios!


WDW Live part 3 (aka; dear old Colin was right)

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

strange blog title hey?

Well it kind of struck me today whilst waiting for reflections of earth; WDW has changed so much since my last visit!

You see in june a dear old friend (the above mentioned Colin) came back to visit DLRP after working for 12 months at the rose & crown in Epcot.
He said “its amazing how little this park has changed in 18 months”!
Paris got toon studios, the tower, the character express, candelabration and an incredible new parade!

Well today in WDW i was thinking that since my last visit in september 2006 WDW got so much new stuff, the nemo ride (big improvement), the musical (tip my hat), the new haunted mansion (amazing), refurbed spaceship earth (good but the ending all in screen is terrible), the dream castle show and a certain midway mania!


Ok Colin … You win!

Meet Mickey for a little more $$$

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Walt Disney World ticket prices have gone up! No big news one would say as this is an annual event that can’t (seem to) be avoided. At the end of the day, Disney is a business that needs to make their shareholders happy. Even with the amazing good results the Disney company is booking, it still isn’t enough and guest are now being asked to pay a little more to see Mickey Mouse.

However, a little… an increase of 5,6 percent isn’t that small of an increase, even if that’s “only” $4 more on your day ticket. A one day pass will now set you back $75 instead of the old $71 price…

“The difference between $74, $73, $75 — there’s not that much difference. Once you reach that level, you might as well go to $75,” (Orlando Sentinel)

A child ticket has also been increased from $60 to $63

The “Magic your Way” tickets go up between 3 and 8 percent. For example; A 10 day pass will cost guests $237 (up 5,3%) and the park hopper add-on will cost you $50, a $5 increase. The water park add-on stays the same ($50)

Miss Minnie Piggie

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

If you’re a pig, living on a farm, your course in live is pretty much set from birth; You’ll get fed a lot and most probably, once fat enough, you’ll end up on somebodies plate! But if you’re a lucky enough pig and are born with a Mickey shaped birthmark on your back you might be very safe. One couple own a pig like this and want to make sure it has a long and healthy live.

Ideally, Miss Minnie Piggie would end up on a Disney-owned Florida farm and lead a pampered life in show biz (

Picture copyrights Tim Damos / News Republic

Visit Every Disney Park in the Whole Wide World

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Most people who know me are used to my Disney rants, and those people that don’t know me get acquainted with it soon enough. Even when I go to a job interview, before the interview is over, somehow Disney “talk” is in it. One thing that comes up a lot in my Disney conversation is my love for the parks and how I want to visit all of them. Sometimes you’ll get a “really” or “sounds interesting” or even a “nice” (and my son things it would be “awesome”), but a lot of the time people look at me in disbelieve. But there are those people who not only love the idea, but have already fulfilled this dream.

Visiting every Disney theme park in the world may seem like an odd life goal for a child-free 30-something, but a wise person once said “for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none will do.” (The Salt Lake Tribute)


WDW Trip Photo book (photo 15) Japan

Monday, May 26th, 2008

If asked what my preferred park is I have difficulties choosing between Animal Kingdom (even pre Expedition Everest) as this park is a Imagineering marvel and Epcot. I don’t want to choose but for reason Epcot has the edge. I love Illuminations (those reading the blog regularly will know this), but also enjoy some of the attractions and can wander hours and hours around the World Showcase.

The World Showcase has a lot to offer, while some might say there are not enough rides, there is so much stuff to see and do (and eat). On this trip however I noticed that the one place I hang out the most is Japan. It could be the Drums of the Matsuriza, the amazing candy artis Miyuki, the small but beautiful gardens or the whole Japan pavilion that keeps me there every time. Whatever it is, I can’t seem to get enough of that place and am already looking forwards to my next visit (even if that will not be before 2009)

… 2009? That a long time away. I guess browsing some of my Japan Pavilion pictures will have to keep my happy,… for now.

Impact on the Mouse

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Mickey Mouse has a big impact on American history, an impact that goes far beyond American boundaries. Just look at the theme parks around the world, the movies playing in thousand theaters and the millions of toys in the shops. Even if you don’t have a Disney holiday, most likely you will still encounter some sort of Disney on your trip (or near your home). You can also ask what cartoon character is the most known in the world; I am pretty confident that Mickey Mouse will make it on the top spot as most well known cartoon character. Mickey (and his friends) are everywhere, even making an impact on our daily lives.

But what about the impact on Mickey Mouse and Disney from the outside? It’s a question that popped up in my head, more specifically the impact of today and in the (near) future! Let’s have a look at some possible theories (I think) that has have impact on the mouse and that might form the future look of Disney. Let’s do so starting with the biggest influence at the moment; PIXAR!


Clone Wars Previews at Star Wars Weekends

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Can’t wait to see the new Star Wars; The Clone Wars animation? The official release will be on the 15th August but Disney fans visiting the Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World during the Star Wars weekends will be in for a treat. With an already impressive guest list fans will also have the chance to see some exclusive previews during the Star Wars weekends…

Among the features at this year’s Star Wars Weekends, which run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 6 to June 29, 2008, will be “Behind the Force — Experience The Clone Wars,” an exploration of the creation of this groundbreaking Star Wars feature film. During “Experience The Clone Wars,” fans will get a chance to meet a representative of Lucasfilm Ltd. and, at the culmination of the presentation, see an exclusive clip of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that can be seen only at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends. (

Visit the Star Wars / Disney event page to get the latest updates on the weekends.

WDW Trip Photo book (photo 14) Typhoon Lagoon

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Typhoon Lagoon,… I love that place. How often I dream about that place,… I lost count. And that’s why I wonder sometimes how people say they will not go to a Disney Water park, they don’t want to loose time there, they don’t see the pleasure in visiting the place, they will not add water park option to their tickets… You’re missing out Disney fans, as this is an amazing place to be…

Find yourself a nice spot (avoid sitting right at the wave pool, I know it’s easy and near everything but there are so many more and nicer places), go for a dive in the waves, enjoy the sun, have fun on the slides, etc…

But most importantly enjoy that lazy, lazy, lazy river Castaway Creek

Still not convinced? Check out the picture I added here and click this link to see another collection of Typhoon Lagoon pictures. Now, next time you go to Walt Disney World, give it a shot,… You’ll love it…