Finding Dory in Japan

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Pixar is giving us a new Nemo adventure on the big screen but the Oriental Land Company is giving their guests a new Nemo attraction in the parks. OLC has just announced the new attraction for Tokyo DisneySea. The attraction will be themed to the well beloved Finding Nemo movie and the upcoming Finding Dory movie. The ride will be created with the help of the Finding Nemo movie production staff. They will be helping with the visuals of the new experience.

NemoRide2The ride will be placed in the Port Discovery section of the park. It will replace the existing StormRider simulator. The StormRider attraction is set to close in May 2016 so construction for the new Nemo ride can start with a target opening planned for Spring 2017.

The attraction will take place in a submarine. Guests taking place inside the sub will shrink to the size of the fish around them and will then be taken on an adventure by Nemo and Dory.

Pictures copyright Disney

TEA Theme Park Attendance Report

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Every year the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) releases their Theme Park Attendance Report. A report that shows the growth or losses in attendance of all major theme parks in the world. This time they do so with a big delay and a report full of errors. After looking at the report I wonder if this can be taken serious as some of the numbers don’t add up when looking at and comparing previous report. The main error is in some of the % related to growth and funnily enough the biggest mistake is related to the Disneyland Paris numbers. More on that can be found on DLP.Info where you’ll see the numbers of 2010 compared to the numbers of 2009.

For the rest of the report we can see some big chances when it comes to winners and losers. Unfortunately Disney is loosing some ground in the USA. While they still have the top spots on the lists, they have been surpassed by Asian parks and must be a little scared of a wizard that is giving a big boost to one of their competitors.

The Magic Kingdom is still number one on the list with 16.97 million visitors. This is down 1,5% from 2009. Disneyland is up 0,5% with 15.98 visitors and remains in second place. Tokyo Disneyland keeps its third place with 14.45 million visitors. This is 5,9% up from previous years. This is good news for Tokyo but we can expect a big decrease in next years report because of the tsunami disaster and the park being closed for an extended period of time because of this. Forth place goes to another growing park, Tokyo DisneySea. It had a growth of 5,5% with a total of 12.66 million visitors. Epcot is fifth with 10.83 Million visitors, a drop of 1,5%.

Next on the list is Disneyland Paris. However the placing ant visitors total should be correct, the percentages are way of. The same can be said for the Walt Disney Studios in Paris (19th in the ranking). (More on DLP.Info)

The biggest winner in the US is Island of Adventure. This will be no surprise to anybody as everybody expected this park to catapult big into a major attendance boosts once the Wizard Harry Potter opened his section of the park. The park gained 30,2% in attendance, boosting a visitors total to 5.95 million. It is important to know that the new section only opened during the last 2/3 of the years so it will be really interesting to see what a full year will do for the park.

Below the full list, including all other Disneyparks around the globe,  as published by TEA (including the errors) (more…)

Easter at Tokyo Disneyland & Fantasmic at Tokyo DisneySEA

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

I know I am a week late but I just HAVE to bring back up easter once again. The reason: Picopicopinono’s blog Feel the Magic. Picopicopinono just last night finalized the coverage of the “Easter Parade” of Disney’s Easter Wonderland 2011 at Tokyo Disneyland. And what coverage it is – not just a couple of photos but in depth coverage with photo and short explanation for all 9 units of the stunning parade with a separate photo report! You can find the index / the overview taking you to each unit at this link(more…)

Tokyo Disneyland Reopens

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Today Disneyland in Tokyo reopens its doors after it was closed since March 11th big earthquake that devastated Japan. While Japan is still struggling with the aftermath, Disney is offering some comfort and dreams to the Japanese people with doing what they do best; making magic. Disneyland will cut back on the opening times, closing doors about 4 hours sooner as regular times and DisneySea will remain closed until further notice.

Jasmine’s Flying Carpets

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Tokyo DisneySea is getting a new attraction. While we are used to always hear great things of this park, with already a collection of amazing rides, attractions and show, this new attraction isn’t that exciting.

It will be a flying carpet attraction themed to the Disney film Aladdin. The name of the attraction will be Jasmine’s Flying Carpets.

But of course it doesn’t always have to be the newest, biggest thing they have to build. The little guest will be more then happy to fly up in the air on a flying carpet. The new ride will be placed in the Arabian Coast part of DisneySea next to Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage and opening is set for Summer 2011.

Official Press release.

Picture copyrights Disney


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Tokyo DisneySea will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a new show ”Fantasmic”. This is now confirmed by the Oriental Land Co., Ltd. The new show will premiere in April 2011 to kick of the celebration of DisneySea’s anniversary, which is on September 4th.

The picture already promises that the show will be spectacular. Looking at the brooms walking up the mountain, one can already start dreaming on how Disney will make this work. Knowing Disney, I am very confident it will look amazing. The show will take place at night in Mediterranean Harbor and will feature Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The show will have scenes from Aladdin, Cinderella and Finding Nemo incorporated. A big battle between Mickey and a gigantic dragon will be the highlight of the show.

The new “Fantasmic” show will replace the BraviSEAmo show that is currently running.

The official announcement can be found here.

Picture copyrights Disney

Shangai Disneyland’s heavyweight WDI head

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

So it seems the beans have been spilled, the cat is out of the bag, the dice has been rolled and the heads have been cut; Bob Weiss will be the Walt Disney Imagineering head for Shangai Disneyland – it was a head to head battle between him and Scott Trowbridge (the guy which gave us IOA’s Spiderman ride who had joined WDI in 2007) and Bob won.

Who is Bob Weiss?
Well he is a WDI old timer; he headed, together with the Kirk brothers (the guys who gave us the amazing “Tokyo DisneySEA” much of the initial design for the original “Disney MGM Studios Theme Park2 in 1989.

Then he had a period of “bizare luck”
The guy was first called upon to design (again together with the Kirk’s) the never built “Disney MGM Studios Europe Themepark” which would have been the original second gate for EuroDisneyland.


Attraction Attendance Report

Friday, April 17th, 2009

wdw-nice-castle2008 has not been the best year for the theme park around the world. Parks have seen their attendance and guest spending drop. The 2008 Attraction Attendance Report from TEA ERA shows a clear picture on 2008 and it’s, mainly losses of guests for some of the big names in the business.

In the 2008 top 20 of highest attendance in Theme Parks of North America you have the Magic Kingdom on top again. It closed the year with 17,063,000 visitors. They should be happy about that, even if that number is no improvement from last year, during these dark times of recession that isn’t the worst result. On the second place we find Disneyland with 14,721,000 visitors, a drop of 1% from the previous year. Epcot, just like the Magic Kingdom, also didn’t loose or gained any more visitors then the previous year, with a count of 10,935,000 visitors. Epcot got third place.


Private DisneySea Visit

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

It would be a dream of many Disney fans; Having one of the Disney parks opened just for yourself (and you family). During the 25th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland one family was lucky enough to be picked out of 1609 families who all submitted applications to be able to visit the park privately. Not even Michael Jackson had the whole park to himself when he visited…

In 1987, when singer Michael Jackson visited the park, people were barred from entering some facilities. But the anniversary event was the first time that the entire facility at Tokyo DisneySea or Tokyo Disneyland was reserved for only one family or individual… (Yomiuri)

Visit Every Disney Park in the Whole Wide World

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Most people who know me are used to my Disney rants, and those people that don’t know me get acquainted with it soon enough. Even when I go to a job interview, before the interview is over, somehow Disney “talk” is in it. One thing that comes up a lot in my Disney conversation is my love for the parks and how I want to visit all of them. Sometimes you’ll get a “really” or “sounds interesting” or even a “nice” (and my son things it would be “awesome”), but a lot of the time people look at me in disbelieve. But there are those people who not only love the idea, but have already fulfilled this dream.

Visiting every Disney theme park in the world may seem like an odd life goal for a child-free 30-something, but a wise person once said “for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none will do.” (The Salt Lake Tribute)


Ratatouille in Paris

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

As already mentioned on DLP.Info it’s only a rumor picked up from a CNBC article about the new Toy Story Mania ride, but Ratatouille mentioned to be the next Paris ride does sound exciting. If this will be the next Disney ride, Disney might well be back on track on bringing us exclusive rides for each Disney Park.

Lately we have seen clones pop up from rides already out there (Soarin for Walt Disney World, Buzz Lightyear made its way into Paris, Tower of Terror concurred all resorts, etc) and with (old or new) rumor suggesting even more clones (Crush’s Coaster clones for the US, more Soarin for Paris, etc), future Disney cloned rides are expected. But with Expedition Everest, Crush’s Coaster (not cloned yet), Mission Space or even whole new park concepts like Tokyo’s DisneySea, Disney proofed again and again that putting out something new and never been done before is a guarantied success. Although the clones do bring success (like the Tower does everywhere), it is nice to see that Disney still takes the road of innovative new attractions.



Monday, May 12th, 2008

One million views and counting! Time to celebrate ClickMagique’s PicParade

ClickMagique’s PicParade is loaded with more then 8000 Disney related pictures and recently had the honors of the 1.000.000th picture being blended in. Only the pictures that are actually opened will be counted, so we can honestly say that this is an impressive result. This result can only by accomplished because of you, the fans and visitors, so a big thank you for sharing your pictures on ClickMagique’s PicParade and a big thank you to all visiting and looking at the pictures too.

The picture that was blended in on 1.000.000 was the picture of Tigger walking past “It’s a Small World” waiving at the photographer in Disneyland Resort Paris. A very nice picture to celebrate this mile stone. But it isn’t enough. We want more!


Happy 25th Birthday Tokyo Disneyland

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

On April 15, 1983 Disney opened their very first park outside the USA; Tokyo Disneyland. While Disney Imagineers designed the park, “The Oriental Land Company” is the owner of the park, paying licenses to the Walt Disney Company. The success in Tokyo was (and still is) overwhelming and brought the “The Oriental Land Company” a lot of profit. (And Disney decided never to have an external company become owner of a Disney theme park again) In 2001 a second gate opened to the public; DisneySea, an amazing looking park.

Happy 25th Birthday Tokyo Disneyland

I hope to visit you soon as I would love to see DisneySea. (and as it is my dream to see every Disney park in the world)

Third Gate for Disney in Japan

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

japanmap1.jpgThe Tokyo Disney Resort has been very successful in Japan; high attendance for the resort and Disneysea being an Imagineering success are proof of that. Oriental Land Company is the owner of the parks (paying royalties to Disney) and they are the once responsible for the success. Now they are looking into the possibility to add a third gate in Japan.

Although one might expect a third gate to open near the existing resort rumors indicate it might be located somewhere else. The Oriental Land Company is looking at one possible area in Southern Honshu. There is no indication how far away from the main park the new gate would be located. One thing is for sure; with the amazing DisneySea the imagineers have a very high standard to go for, this promising a superb looking third gate for the future. But remember, this is a first rumor and nothing is for sure as long as Disney and the Oriental Land Company don’t give out an official announcement.

source; Screamscape. Copyrights Picture;

Disney Parks Dominate Theme Park Attendance Report

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

It will be no surprise to anybody that the Disney parks are doing very well and are well present in the top 25 Theme Park Attendance Report. The list is from all parks in the world.

1 Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – 16,640,000 – up 3.0%
2 Disneyland – 14,730,000 – up 1.2%
3 Tokyo Disneyland – 12,900,000
4 Tokyo DisneySea – 12,100,000
5 Disneyland Paris – 10,600,000
6 Epcot – 10,460,000 – up 5.5%
7 Disney-MGM Studios – 9,100,000 – up 5.0%
8 Disney’s Animal Kingdom – 8,910,000 up 8.6%
13 Disney’s California Adventure – 5,950,000 – up 2.1%
18 Hong Kong Disneyland – 5,200,000

The Walt Disney Studios in Paris didn’t make it on the list with 2,200,000 visitors. I wonder if this will change once the Toon Studios and Tower of Terror will open.

The Disney Water Parks are doing well too. Typhoon Lagoon is on the first place (yeah) with 2,050,000 visitors, up 6.6% and Blizzard beach comes in second with 1,880,000 visitors, up 5.4%

For the full report see the Theme Park Attendance Report (big pdf file)