Toy Story Wii

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

wii-c1Disney Interactive Studios announced a new game exclusively for the Wii; Toy Story Mania! The game will be based on the theme park attraction “Toy Story Mania”. The Wii adaption will include the quick firing shooting galleries from the rides and will have new scenes too. Also a series of mini games and 3D bonus features will be part of the new game. The game will have a multiplayer option that can invite up to 4 people for “the ride”…

The Wii is a fun console, actually it’s the most fun one I have ever played on. And I am not alone thinking this, even people who seems to react allergic to any console seem to have found something that convert them to game players. I have witnessed some of these “non-believers” myself who can’t see the fun in playing on a console for hours, but are being changed to Wii lovers once they tried it.

Combine this console with a great Disney attreactions equels garantied fun for every one. Can’t wait to see the final result… Now, if you’ll excuss me, I think I’ll go do some Wii bowling now…

Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D Previews

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

disneychristmascarolposter-marketsaw1Christmas has just passed but you can already start planning the next one. You can add “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” movie by Robert Zemeckis on your Christmas list. The movie, staring Jim Carrey, is planned to be released on November 6 both in conventional movie theaters as well as IMAX theaters. The movie will be in 3D, a trend that seems to be picked up (again) for many movies at the moment. Disney has “Up” and “G-Force”, while Dreamworks will bring us “Monster vs Aliens”, Fox has James Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” while the horror fans will get “Final Destination: Death Trip 3D” and “my Bloody Valentine” to look forwards too. All of them are only a small part of what looks like an endless 3D movies list for this year.

disneychristmascarolscrooge-badugly1A couple of first previous of Disney’s Christmas Carol can be found on the web. You don’t need any 3D glasses yet to see the first teaser poster found on MarketSaw Blog while you can see a picture of Jim Carrey as Scrooge on The Bas and Ugly site.Talking about ugly, Jim looks like a pretty nasty Scrooge to me.

Belle goes 3D

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

More and more movies return to the big screen in an updated 3D version. Just like “A Nightmare Before Christmas” other Disney movies will find their way back in the movie theater. “Beauty and the Beast” is one of them and the technique used to do this is explained by the producer Don Hahn.

There’s some proprietary software that Disney created for this, and it actually bends the drawings around geometry. You take a character like Belle or the Beast and you create geometry in the computer that matches the image on the screen, and then bend the original movie around that geometry, be it the character or a background, a tree, or a building or whatever. That creates very dimensional, round faces. (Slash Film)

Picture copyrights Disney

Walt Disney World 3D

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Google Earth is offering Disney fans, guest and those planning a trip the chance to visit a virtual Walt Disney World and I finally got the chance to look at it myself. So far I visited the Castle, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror and Test Track. I even “walked” into Test Track (but the building is empty)

Highly addictive and fun, but will also make you dream about being there even more.

After downloading make sure to enable 3D Buildings, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the 3D settings.


Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Last weekend at the WonderCon at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, California, the latest about Disney Pixar’s upcoming feature “RATATOUILLE” was revealed during a presentation by its director Brad Bird. Attendees were treated to some more details about the story and the voice casting as well as to new clips from the movie – and finally also the first trailer, after the teaser has been around for quite a while. While attendees certainly enjoyed this part of the presentation, for those of us not able to attend another segment of the presentation might be even more exciting: the open-question session, during which the audience got Brad Bird to reveale some rather interesting news … about “RATATOUILLE” as well as other projects…


Robert Zemeckis takes 3-D motion to Disney

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

polarexpressdvd.jpgThe Polar Express was a fun movie I still enjoy today (except for the hot chocolate drink song). The movie used a new technique of digitally recording actors’ movements that are afterwards put into a computer and used to develop the 3-D motion pictures. Robert Zemeckis was the first to use this technique in the above mentioned movie.

After Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey left Dreamworks they became free agents. Disney saw its chance and talked to Robert and a possible joint future, a future that has now become reality as the joint venture has been announced.

The announcement had been expected since the trio moved to Disney’s Burbank lot in the fall. (The Hollywood Reporter)

After the Pixar deal, Disney has now another big name added to their team.

As part of the deal, all of Zemeckis’ future performance-capture movies will be made exclusively for the new company. Disney will distribute and market its films worldwide. While the pact doesn’t cover live-action movies, Zemeckis is expected to focus his energy on performance capture in the near future. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Chicken Little … revisited

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Chicken Little at the El Capitan TheatreThis post might seem odd, but I just watched Chicken Little on DVD last night and, well, I was really surprised. See, I had the incredible luck to be in Disneyland right after the movie originally premiered and such took a little tour over to Annaheim to watch it on the big screen in style: at Disney’ El Capitan theater. A great experience – to some length. I loved the ornate, classic theater. I really enjoyed the live organ mini-concert before the movie. I could also to some length have fun during the pre-show, featuring some dancers and characters shaking their tail-feathers. But then the movie started. And well, yes it was projected in digital 3D (which got me cool Chicken-Little-glasses as keepsakes). And yes, it was fun to watch a whole movie in 3D. It worked. Nevertheless I came out of the movie feeling that somehow the movie hadn’t clicked for me. There were some fun moments, some nice jokes, a good score, some great songs (especially One Little Slip by the Barenaked Ladies), but overall something was missing. So I just filed it under “not so great Disney features”. Later on, back in Germany, I saw the movie again…

A Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D contest

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

SkellingtonJack1Disney.jpgIf you’re a big fan of the Tim Burton movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and there is some creativity blood running in your veins the following contest might be something for you.

Calling all artists, designers, creative geniuses, film lovers and NIGHTMARE fans! This is your chance to create an original character for Walt Disney Pictures’ holiday classic, TIM BURTON’S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, making its return to the big screen this month in stunning Disney Digital 3-D. You are free to create the scariest, creepiest, most inspired character you can think of that fits into the world of Tim Burton’s beloved film. Your submission will be judged based on creativity, originality, and the unique features of the character.

The winner will be getting some nice goodies.


A Nightmare in 3-D

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

NightmareBeforeChristmas.jpgThe Nightmare Before Christmas from Tim Burton goes 3-D. If the information is correct we will see this updated version in the theatre around Halloween, October 20, 2006 to be exact.

I got really excited when I saw this news. This is a masterpiece and should be seen in the Theater. It will remain to be seen if the 3-D effects will do it any justice.