Relaxing Inside the WDW Parks


It can be overwhelming visiting the Walt Disney World parks. Busy crowds, long queues, hot weather (or big wet showers).  You can avoid it by staying at the hotel pools, but if you are at Walt Disney World you just want to hit the parks. Even if they are busy.
So what to do if you really, REALLY want to relax and still be inside the parks. It is possible!

River1How about we start in the Magic Kingdom. What is more relaxing than the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. A nice 10 minute ride around Tomorrowland and it includes some great views of the beautiful Cinderella Castle. You can ride it early in the morning, or try to board it at night during the fireworks. That gives it an extra dimension. Who knows, if you’re lucky, like I was on my last visit, it might break down on the right spot and you can see the whole firework show from the best spot. Another relaxing ride, but a little more crowded, is the Walt Disney World Railroad. Ride around the park and relax. Or if the water is more relaxing your alternative for a relaxing ride will be the Liberty Square Riverboat.

Of course every park has its relaxing rides. Let’s head over to Epcot to find out. And what better way to do so in the Monorail. Another way of to relax while taking in the wonderful sights. It might be a little monotone at the beginning but when the monorail loops into Epcot it is a real threat. Take the monorail over during the middle of the day and you’re sure to have a seat or even a whole compartment to yourself.

EpcotFriendshipTo hot, to crowded or raining, no other place to go then Ellen’s Energy Adventure. A relaxing ride and you might learn a thing or two. Want to see more of the park itself but still want to relax. Hop on one of the two friendship boats. You get to see the World Showcase from the lagoon in the most relaxing way. Of course you could just stroll around the World Showcase and get some drinks and bites to eat from the different land pavilions as an alternative.

Liking the boat rides and want to see what’s relaxing in Hollywood Studios? Well, then you’ll have to take the Friendship boats docked outside the Epcot park. Another way to travel in relaxation from one park to another. All while you are enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Once inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios it gets a little more challenging to find a relaxing thing to do. There is however one place, often overlooked, but perfect to relax. The Writers Stop, bookstore. Here you can stop and pick up a book while sitting on a couch with some pastries, and a cup of coffee. Not a lot of space in the shop, but never really busy.

DAKtigersThe last of the four big parks we want to find a relaxing spot is Animal Kingdom. Head straight over to Africa and check out the Kilimanjaro Safaris. OK, admittedly, it might be a little less relaxing because of the bumpy road, but still pretty dreaming between all those awesome animals. If the ride is to bumpy for you to relax then switch it up and take a stroll down Maharajah Jungle Trek instead. Check out the awesome tigers that life there. If that sight isn’t relaxing, nothing will.

Still not relaxing enough? Visit Typhoon lagoon and take a couple of rounds around the waterpark in their lazy river. It is the best relaxing way to get around this awesome waterpark. You don’t even have to swim; the current will take you around.

Well, that’s a way to enjoy the parks and come out relaxed and charges. Or, if still to hectic for you then a visit to the spa is in order.
What is your most relaxing way to get around the parks?

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One Response to “Relaxing Inside the WDW Parks”

  1. mat Says:

    Relaxing rides to me :

    – TTA
    – Carousel of Progress
    – Pirates
    – Railroad
    – Jungle Cruise
    – Tiki Room
    – Riverboat
    – Little Mermaid
    – Small World
    – Haunted Mansion (a bit more engaging but kind of)
    – Hall of Presidents
    – Philharmagic

    – SSE
    – Living with the land
    – Soarin
    – The seas with Nemo and friends
    – Gran Fiesta Tour (although the music can get to your nerves)
    – Malestrom (sigh…)
    – American Adventure
    – 180° and 360° films

    – Great Movie Ride
    – One Man’s Dream
    – Little Mermaid show

    – Kilimanjaro Safari
    – Rafiki’s Planet Watch (the train part)

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