Trip Diaries Day 16: Harry Potter Time

Today was Harry Potter day. No, I am not a fan and haven’t even seen all of the movies (only two so far), but we are planning a Potter marathon in the near future to catch up. We left to Universal very early in the morning to make sure we would be there before the big crowds. Well, even with another 30 minutes to go before opening there was already a big queue at the gates of islands of adventures. Got ourselves the 2 park tickets and the VIP passes to avoid queue-ing (Have I already mentioned that I don’t like queues?). We knew that Harry Potter  and the Forbidden Journey was going to be a queue, but at least we would be able to walk on to the rest of the attraction. And i can only say I was happy we got them as otherwise me might not have done as much as we did. But I am going to fast, let’s start at the beginning.

Harry Potter queue was a good hour and they used most of the outside queue area already to have to line moving. But it was worth it. This attraction is amazing! The ride system, the scenes, everything! And the experience already starts in the queue area. What a beautiful amazing area. It might have taken us an hour but it sure didn’t feel like it. The attraction itself is awesome. This is the future! The Kuka robot arms on a track, the 3D scenes with the amazing scenes build around it. I have no words!… Disney, wake up because they are taking some of the magic and starting to use it in their parks. I already was a IoA fan, but Potter will get me back there again and again. (I don’t want to even think what the expansion will bring and the new rides at Universal Studios (replacing Jaws) will do for the park. Next time i might have to miss two days of Disney to see it all.

Unfortunately today was a very, very, very cold day in Orlando and you could feel it. Somewhere in the twenties Fahrenheit (that’s near zero for us). This was a problem for the roller coasters and most of them didn’t open yet. So we didn’t wait at the Dragon’s and walked to the front to ride Spider-Man before we went on Doom. By 10:30 they opened up hulk, so we used our VIP cards and went to the front of the line. But here is the bad part of the trip. The coaster didn’t do my son any good and he came out with a mayor headache. Knowing my son never really complaining when he is sick or in pain, when he says he is in pain, I know it is for real. At this moment I thought our day would end early and we might have to go back. We did go see somebody and gotten some painkiller and hoped that would be all it needed.

It took a good 30 minutes for them to work, but we could continue our day, but no more big coasters for now. We first took a bite to eat (to give my son some extra time to rest)

We went over to universal and did some shows. We got to see the Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue show, the Terminator show, visited the Magic show and checked out Twister. Once we got these out of way we went to Men in Black. My son wasn’t 100% sure if he wanted to go on it to avoid his headache to return. But after a while he wanted to try. We enjoyed the ride, headache gone so we would try something else and walked over to the Mummy.

What a ride! Still as great as the first time I did it way back when it just opened. My son had no problem riding it so we had to go a second time. Love the fire effect, love the ride, love the mummy.

What I didn’t love was the fact that the Rock It coaster was closed. My son already said he wouldn’t do it (after the bad Hulk experience), but I hoped it would have been opened during the day as I already missed it on my last trip. Reason! The cold weather!… Oh well, another reason to return to Orlando (as if I need another reason)
After the last Mummy ride we had to make our way back as we did have dinner reservations at Japan’s Teppon Edo. We got there with minutes to spare.

We love this restaurant and we were lucky enough to be seated at the table with a nice family who where both Disney fans (like us) and Disney Vacation Club members (like us). We had a great time and a great meal. Once the meal was over we had to go out into the freezing cold. But it was about 10 minutes away from illuminations and I could not leave the park knowing that was going to start. My son and wife called it a day but I stayed behind to see my all time favourite thing in the whole of Walt Disney World. Even in the freezing cold, I was happy I stayed and watched it. The good thing about the cold was that you could pick a spot minutes before the show would start as most people didn’t want to fight the cold and left the park for warmer places. I love Illuminations, but I must admit that I was happy that when I walked into the hotel room.

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  1. BradK Says:

    Harry Potter theme park at universal seems like an inevitable stop when in the Orlando/Disney area. Our family has seen the movies and read the books. Unfortunately our last visit to Disney (few years back) occurred right before the grand unveiling of Harry Potter attraction at Universal. Hope to be back in next year or two to see this well done representation of HP.

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