Test Track 2.0

The rumour is confirmed, Test Track will undergo a big refurbishment. The speculations have been going for a while but now Disney has put it in the open. We will get to see a new and improved Test track. While the Track of today is already a classic and loved by many, it’s a perfect timing to update it as some of the rides effects are starting to show their age. Even if it is still a fun ride in its current condition, a re-vamp will bring new live and new fans to the attraction. Now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see what Disney has in store for it.

We’ve already seen some new paint job on some of the cars (and it looks good, if I say so myself), but we can expect a whole lot more. Unfortunately there will be no TRON update as some rumours had indicated as Chevrolet, the primary new sponsor, will want to have the attraction being kept as a “modern car” experience to fit into their own brand.

It looks like Disney will keep the interactive aspect of their new and renewed attraction by adding an interactive experience as riders will start the attraction by designing and creating their own ride vehicle before buckling up and ride it on the new improved track. Sounds like fun and something to look forwards too.

Source: Disneypark Blog

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