Trip Diaries Day One: Doesn’t Have to Start with Disney

Ready for the trip report of our WDW Christmas and New Year trip? Well here it is. I hope you’ll enjoy it and will be back for more updates.

Our first full day started early at the Villas of Grand Cyprus. No, not a Disney hotel to start our trip, but it doesn’t always have to be Disney now does it… Well, as a Disney fan it could of course and this being a Disney blog the rest might not be so interesting. So let’s make this first day short. The Villas of Grand Cyprus are an amazing hotel though. Great for Golf fanatic as it won many awards (and rightly so as it looks amazing).

We started our day very early with breakfast at 7am. Well, that’s jetlag for you. After breakfast we went for an early swim. It was warm enough and we weren’t even the first one at the pool. This was pretty much the setting of our first day. Relaxing! Swim, Lunch, play some golf (it is a golf hotel so it would be a shame not to hit some balls), swim some more and dinner.

Dinner was great. Got myself an amazing fruit bowl. I know some people think it’s a funny choice, but I enjoyed this healthy choice. With some more jetlag to battle we called it an early night as tomorrow would be our first day at Disney.

Info: Because of internet issues at Disney with my PC live updates are not possible. As I am at Vero Beach right now expect some updates about the trip. The rest on my return home

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