Trip Diaries Day Four: Love the Tigers

Same game plan as the previous day, be at the park for rope drop. Today that was Animal Kingdom. We got some fastpasses for Everest and the Lion King Show. Then we rode Dinosaur without a queue and with front row seats. We did it a second time, again with no queue and front row seats and then we rode it… a third time. This time second row! Once that was out of the way we did Primeval Whirl, twice. We did both sides of the attraction before we went over to Expedition Everest. What a great ride, just a shame the Yeti isn’t working. I still need to see it for the first time in full working mode. Let’s hope I will have the chance in the future, when they’ll fix him (if ever).

Once those rides where done we got ourselves some Fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safaris before we went over to see the Lion King Show. This show remains a great attraction. Love it every time (as long as I don’t have to join in).

Our Kilimanjaro Safaris experience must have been the best one I have ever had. We have seen hippo’s out of the water, Giraffes as close as you can ever get and some other great animal spotting. They say to ride this in the morning or late evening because animals hide from the sun in the afternoon, but this time they were everywhere. What an experience. Great!!!

By noon 12:45 we’ve done some great stuff and after some overpriced chicken and frites it was time for a photo trip to see my favourite tigers. So of to Maharajah Jungle Trek. I know there is a lot to see there but I had to go over to the tigers at once to spend some time with them. I just love watching them. They are amazing animals and so photogenic too. I always wonder why so many people can’t see that this park is so much more then attractions. It’s all about the animals and one should stay a little longer and really look at them. Animal Kingdom is (and I said it many times before) an Imagineering masterpiece misunderstood by many.

Leaving the high midday crowds behind me for our usual swim and a relaxing time at Old Key West we hopped over to Epcot for some more rides. Got to see Nemo and his friends, many other fish too, visited Figment, got my son to drink Beverly (I know, that was mean) and had some fun with Donald and his amigos. Epcot looks great at night and I was tempted to stay on but a visit to Downtown Disney was already planned.

The crowds where incredible at Downtown and it was a struggle at some of the narrow places. Still, had to visit D-Street to get an Annual Passport exclusive Vinylmation before heading back on the boat to Old Key West to plan our next day…

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