Sand Everywhere

You’ve seen the report on the blog and many people have seen the art for themselves. We are talking about the sand sculptures of Disneyland Paris in Belgium. The result was astonishing and the success amazing. With 200.000 visitors at the event this year, it’s a clear success, a success looking for a redo in 2012. Craig Dezern, representative from Walt Disney World, visited the sculptures and was so impressed and asked the artist to come over to WDW to create another Disney sand sculpture event in the USA. The Belgium sand sculpture team, Francis Vandendorpe and Alexander Deman, is talking with WDW and once the project is green lighted will be looking for the sand they need to build those sculptures in the USA. The rest of the logistic materials will be shipped to the USA to support the 30 sculptures and 10 technicians that are needed to build the sculpture event.

But that’s not all. Not only was the WDW department impressed. There were some other Disney visitors that loved the event. Find out what other Disney location might be looking at their own event in 2012 on our sister DLP.Info blog news site. (although that might have given it away)

Congratulations to the sand Sculpture team. Not only for this year’s success, but for securing two futures projects with Disney.

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  1. Dean Says:

    My country is same here, sand every where.

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