Disneyland Paris Trip Report: Pin Trading is Alive!!!

This weekend I was at Disneyland Paris and got to see a great pin trading event. Disneyland Paris organized an event inside the park where fans could gather to trade and buy new pins. The event was well organized with a good first come first serve policy. Those fans that where at the gate first got a green ticket entitling them to buy 2 of the limited pins. Those that came later had another color that would give them the right to buy one of the limited pins and those that came late still had the chance to win the right to buy one pin with the yellow raffle tickets. 300 die hard collectors turned up trying to get some of these pins and many of the collectors brought their collection to show and trade.

The event took place in Frontierland in front of the Pablo Trading Post shop that was not only open for the event but was filled with pins and vinylmations. In front of the shop collectors had enough room to share their collection. Some of these collections where well over a thousand pins and I heard of people being there showing of collections of 4000+ pins.

I used to collect myself but stopped a couple of years ago. Although I do have some pins left (Halloween stuff), I did sell many of them. There was just to much coming out and I had to make some choices. My Comic collection won it over the pins, but I must admit when I saw this happening, I did miss it.

It was also nice to see that the Vinylmation is getting some love too. Some tables where filled with these cute vinyls. It looks like a lot of the pin traders also like to collect these little figure. And who can blame them, they are to nice to leave behind on the shelves.

This event shows that pin trading is far from dead. There where a lot of people, some of them I recognized being there from the beginning, but also a lot of young fans that are fairly new to the hobby. Although I was tempted to get some pins for myself, I was able to withstand them. I wasn’t that lucky with the Vinylmations as I could not resist on picking up a couple of the new Pirates vinyls. Happy collecting everybody.

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