Lone Ranger might not be so lonely on the big screen

As Mike Fleming on Deadline Hollywood just revealed Walt Disney Pictures apparently has decided on the release date for its new movie version of “Lone Ranger”: December 21, 2012 (in the US)!

The movie supposed to start production later this year. Gore Verbinski will direct Armie Hammer as the title character and Johnny Depp (with whom he already worked on the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) as Tonto.

However, one needs to wonder whether that is a clever move. Afterall, the highly anticipated movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” directed by Peter Jackson and reuniting many cast members of the original “Lord of the Rings” trilogy will open worldwide just one week earlier, on December 14, 2011. In other words: the market and the multiplex cinemas could be rather crowded and the buzz on the street might be so concentrated on the Hobbit movie that the Lone Ranger could just sink without a chance – in particular since outside the US he most probably is unknown to most potential young movie goers anyway. ¬†Guess we need to wait whether Disney sticks with the date and how they plan on countering the rush to “The Hobbit”.

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