Construction Progress from Tokyo DisneySEA

Right now there is no real drought of rehab and construction reports from Disney parks. Afterall there are the ongoing rehabs all over Disneyland Paris (as covered on our sister site in preparation for next year’s 20th anniversary celebration, Disney’s California Adventure is making progress on its CARSland expansion and also preparing Goofy’s Sky School plus the adjacent dining area for later this year and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World has Fantasyland expansion / redesign project growing behind construction walls. All these projects are well covered on the various unofficial websites dedicated to the according Disney resorts … but one resort is missing … Tokyo Disney!

With the parks re-opened after the earthquake related closure earlier this year international coverage has returned to the limited “normal” levels for non-Japanese speaking internet users … but there are ongoing construction projects at TDR as well – to be exact: at Tokyo DisneySEA which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Jasmine's Flying Carpets coming soon. Questioning the po... on TwitpicThanks to twitter user Scott Otis we now have one picture each of the two current construction projects at TDS:

The first one is the addition of the Flying Carpets to the Arabian Coast as seen on the left. The attraction already found in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland in Walt Disney World and in the Toon Studios of the Walt Disney Studios Paris park received a unique, new themeing tying it into a palace theme and got named “Jasmine’s Flying Carpets” – despite being located in front of the Sinbad ride, which is outside the “palace” area of the Arabian Coast that is originally dedicated to Aladdin. While still closed the ride was apparently already undergoing testing today.

Here's the progress of Toy Story Mania on New York Stree... on TwitpicThe second construction project at TDW is currently found at the American Waterfront: the addition of Toy Story Mania (Toy Story Midway Mania). The attraction will be housed at the far end of the American Waterfront section in the currently dead corner between the Broadway Music Theatre (home of “Big Band Beat”) and the Tower of Terror. The area is currently blocked off with construction fences. But behind the scaffolding it can be seen that the new home of the ride looks as if it has reached its final height already (assuming that the building will be similar in height to the one in DCA). The photo on the righ shows thart the construction touches right onto the building of the Tower of Terror.

Finale note: Scott Otis is live tweeting his current visit to Tokyo Disney Resort for several days already (including views from the MiraCosta) – so for a running report of the many details and highlights of both parks of the resort and many, many photos check out his twitter account – highly recommended for any fan of the Disney Resorts!

Photos by Scott Otis provided via twitpic

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