Star Tours II everywhere

There is a lot of Star Tours II write ups, photo reports and even onride videos on the web. Here is a short collection of some of the best on the web. On the Theme Park Review forum you’ll find a big collection of pictures from the opening celebration and the attraction. Some of the pictures are real fun, especially those about the baggage scanning. Some aliens and droids don’t know what can and can’t be in a travel bag.

Inside the Magic also has a great report about the grand opening event in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, including an awesome video from the ceremony including George Lucas appearance. Well worth watching.

There is a also great video online from the Disneyland attraction. You will get to see some of the queue area and fun things that happen there, but it also has 1 of the 54 different onride shows. Beware, big spoiler alert: you will get to see a full version taken with a camera pointed to the 3D screen but without being able to enjoy the 3D effects. If you don’t want to see the ride before your next visit don’t follow the links. If you can’t wait enjoy the video.

These are only three example of what you can find about the new Star Tours the Adventure Continues attraction.

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