54 Different Experiences for Star Tours II

Not only will Star Tours become a new and improved version, you will have to ride it at least 54 times to be able to see every variation possible. The new version was already going to make sure many guest would come and ride the attraction, but with a possible 54 different and randomized experiences the former “walk on” attraction will be turned into a revised attraction with very long queues. No worries though because not only the attraction is great but the pre-show is also filled with scenes never shown before, taped especially for the attraction.

Anthony Daniels, the man who is C-3PO, gave a great interview on his involvement on the attraction. He was very happy when they asked him to not only return as C-3PO but play a main role in Star Tours II.

“Threepio is the pilot, and it’s huge for me,” (full interview here)

The Florida ride will open on May 20th right on the first Star Wars weekend while the Anaheim version will start to fly as from June 3th.

Some rumors are indicating that George Lucas will be there for the grand opening.

Soft openings and Cast Member previews might take place as from May 16th throughout May 19th

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