Scrooge McDuck Is Number One

Every year Forbes magazine bring us a list of the top riches people on the planet. More fun is the list with the richest fictional characters in the world. This list, also made by Forbes, has one Disney Duck standing strong on the first place. It’s Scrooge McDuck of course. Scrooge mad it to the top because of the great gold price. This gold price has skyrocketed, and so did McDuck’s wealth. He is good for a nice $44.1 billion.

Second place goes to the fictional character Carlisle Cullen, the vampire from the Twilight sage. The vampire owns $36.2 billion, but he did have 370 years to collect his wealth. On third place we find Artimes Fowl II from the Artimes Fowl Novels.

In the real world Scrooge McDuck would make it into the first place. Only Carlos Slim Helu and family, Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Warren Buffet would have more money then Scrooge.

Visit the Forbes site forthis years list of the 15 richest fictional characters.

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