Mickey Mouse Feature Movie

Burny Mattinson, who is working on a new Winnie the Pooh movie, mention that he has an idea to have Mickey Mouse star in his own full length feature movie

I am working on just an idea of my own which is basically a Mickey, Donald, Goofy feature film idea. We have to present it first to the bosses to get the green light. (via Bleeding Cool)

Burny Mattinson, born in 1935, started working for Disney in 1953 and has been in the company for his entire career. He worked on many Disney movies including The Great Mouse Detective, Beauty and the Beast, The Black Cauldron, Aladdin, The Lion King and many more.

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5 Responses to “Mickey Mouse Feature Movie”

  1. Mouse Ears Says:

    If it does get the greenlight, then they’d better put Max Goof in there as well. Shia LaBeouf would be a great voice actor for him.

  2. Mouse Eyes Says:

    Yeah and what about Colin Farrell too he would be a great choice to do for the role of the cocky troublemaking stranger mouse of the title character after all Mickey’s a original bad boy cartoon superstar someone considered or not.

  3. Mouse Ears Says:

    Sorry Mouse Eyes, but Colin Farrell’s voice wouldn’t fit a character like Mickey Mouse. Since Bret Iwan is now the official voice for Mickey, I’d rather stick with him. The reason why I think Shia LaBeouf would be the perfect replacement for Jason Marsden as Max Goof (if Marsden decides he doesn’t want to voice Max anymore) is because it would take him back to the days he worked with Disney. Not to mention the Disney show he starred in (Even Stevens) was a comedy.

  4. Mouse Eyes Says:

    Say Mourse Ears, If everyone imagine thinking Colin Farrell’s voice wouldn’t suitably fit the right actor to voiced Mickey Mouse then why not let him voice a new Disney character instead – when he uses a different american accent or something rather than his own voice like that never before, but yeah you’re right of course you got a point there, Shia LaBeouf as Max Goof it is yes sir.

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