Princess – in a Disney way … or not?

The Disney fairy tale aka the Disney princess story … we all know them by heart … and they are certainly ripe for some lampooning (to word it kindly) – and there are many spoofs out there. However, the latest one stands realyl out from the crowd – not only is it fun and makes you (or at least me – as I have to admit) laugh, it also features what in itself is a great song!

So what am I talking about? It’s the music video for “Portrait of a Princess” by Michael Bruce from his new album “Unwritten Songs” featuring a whole plethora of stars from the West End stage and the movie screen! There is West End star Julie Atherton, Olivier Award winner for Best Actress in a Musical Sheridan Smith, BBC’s Being Human star Russell Tovey, ex History Boy Steven Webb, current Jersey Boy Jon Lee as well as Avenue Q and Notes from New York star Paul Spicer. But enough talking get ready to be wonderfully entertained …

Only one last word of warning: some young kids might not fully appreciate the story, the visuals as well as the lyrics of the songs – the whole thing could be called politically incorrect … but hey, that’s the fun part here! So without further ado, here we go, learn something you never knew about those Disney princesses:

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