Star Tours II: the Planets

Coruscant and Tatooine where already revealed as planets guest will visit during the new Star Tours experience, but according to a 8 pin set that will be released for the new attraction there might be some more locations on the trip. From the Episode II movie guest might get to visit Geonosis where Boba Fett could be chasing you in his Slave I vehicle. Darth Vader will be on the look out for you on his Death Star. Chewbacca was already rumored to be part of the new movie, so it’s no surprise his home planet Kashyyk is on the list. You’ll be encountering some beast on the planet Hoth too. Another location might be Bespin, the cloud city from Episode V. Last but not lease could be Queen Amidala’s home planet Naboo.

These are not confirmed at the time, but because they appear on the pin set could be a good indication that they will be in the movie.

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