Flying House – inspired by UP

ABC’s Good Morning America reported one of the most unbelievable sights – straight from the imagination of the Disney Pixar creators: a house flying with the help of a cluster of hundreds of balloons!

As can be seen in the video embedded below from the official ABCnews-Website a group of experts and volunteers went out to the desert to see if they could actual make a house fly – just as in the Disney Pixar hit UP that inspired them. Calculations revealed¬†that it should be sort of possible – even if humans would be on-board as pilots. To this length they¬†built a full-size outer shell of a light-weight house (OK, so they did bend the rules a bit there, but at least it looked like a real, full-sized house from the outside) in the desert and tethered it to hundreds and hundreds of huge balloons of various colors each holdinga full-size tank of helium … and got their house to actually soar high in the sky and by doing that settinga record for the largest cluster balloon flight ever!

But don’t just take my word … watch the video below:

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