Plan everything… EVERYTHING

Disney has released some of their future ideas regarding guests planning their stay at Walt Disney World. New technology will allow travelers to plans almost everything in advance from their home computer. This new project is known as “Next Generation Experience” or “NextGen”. Disney has been working on this project for a good year with a budget said to be $1 billion.

And once this new “tool” is in place, what will guest be able to do and plan in advance. Pretty much everything there is to do in WDW. Guest will be able to make and create their own “FastPass” ticket for the whole of their stay. Plan and book show seats in advance, plan your attraction tickets in advance and pre-book other Disney experiences for your trip. It will all be possible from your home computer. There is no date set yet when this will start, but Disney is very serious about these new planning experience and has applied for patents related to the NextGen tool and has signed a confidentiality agreement with a company that makes radio-frequency identification, or RFID, microchips that can be used in tickets or wristbands.

Good idea? Maybe!… For some. Planning is fun and gets you excited about your next trip, but it is as much fun to get up in the morning, at one of the resort hotels, and have the very first question be; “what shall we do today?”. Will there be room enough to go with the flow once you start using the new tool? I am sure Disney will surprise us with something amazing and fun. But my advice once this tool is available; leave some room for and time for unplanned things to do too. It’s so much fun…

Personally I am not a big planner. I plan the hotel, flights and some of the restaurants. I’ll look at what special events are on when I am there and will plan loosely on what I want to do. The rest of the time I’ll go with the flow and make sure it is a relaxing holiday!

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  1. Studio1 Says:

    This is a good idea it seems much simpler than in Paris where you have to ring them up to book a restaurant or talk to a dietician for Medical,Health and religious reasons etc.

  2. Le Cram Says:


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