Tron Legacy Sequel

With a worldwide cross that will hit $300 million it’s no big surprise we might be getting the Tron Legacy sequel without having to wait another 28 years as we Tron geeks had to do after the first movie. Rumors indicate that Disney might be giving the thumbs up and green light the next Tron movie very soon.

It might have had bad reviews from the press, but the general movie goers and public seem to love it enough to fill the theater seats. It looks like Disney could be turning Tron into a big franchise. A TV series is already said to be in the making, keeping the Legacy alive, but a new movie could beĀ  a lot closer too if this rumor from the grapevine is correct.

Could this be the end of a first trilogy? Could this be the second movie in a new trilogy? Could we get back to back filming of the next two movies? Let the rumors and predictions start rolling in.

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3 Responses to “Tron Legacy Sequel”

  1. andy Says:

    It looks like Sam and Quorra will lead the cast again. What would Disney think to improve it’s plot? They could even make the great visual effects even greater. Hopefully Olivia Wilde remains as Quorra with that hair because she is so cute. Love that movie.

  2. DM Says:

    I would guess a 2nd TRON film might………….

    Explain more on ISO’s and how they were actually created by Edward Dillinger…..:)

    How about Quorra’s DNA being extracted by a rival company to ENCOM to produce new ISO’s….

    Kevin Flynn is extracted by his son Sam back to reality to undermine a plot by Edward dillinger to regain control over ENCOM

    I would just love to see this series continue in any form as it has eye appeal and a pretty good story.


  3. Moses Jones Says:

    Tron Legacy is still playing at the IMAX theater where I live. It must be doing good. From what I heard, news of a sequel depend on the sales of the DVD and bluray.

    I’m thinking a second Tron film could explore the internet.

    It may not have been the best movie of the year, (that goes to Inception) but it was enjoyable enough for what it was. I’d be okay if there was no more sequels for the next 20 or so years.

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