Mermaids and Zombies in the New Pirates Trailer

Disney released the first trailer of the new Pirates movie: The Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. With mermaids and zombies already showing in the new trailer this movie can’t go wrong. The trailer looks fun and Johnny Depp has already been given the chance to make you laugh at it. Enjoy the trailer below and see if the last couple of seconds can make you laugh out loud. I sure did. Can’t wait to see this movie and hope the next trilogy will be as entertaining as the first.

One little rumor (remember a rumor is not set it stone and as long as Disney doesn’t release a news it is what it is, a rumor) says that the next two movies will again be taped back to back to save on production costs.

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  1. Massimo Says:

    This will be a new triology??

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