Will Disney Buy Out Universal?

The moment Disney bought Marvel people started to speculate what would happen with the Marvel Park section of Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Now a rumor is floating around that Disney is looking at offering Universal a buy out on the franchise use rights. Disney already bought back the rights of some of the franchise from Paramount and with it the distribution rights of Avengers and Iron Man 3. It’s a rumor at the moment, but it would make sense and I see this happening in the future. Universal could well agree on this as they might want to break anything that binds them to Disney and avoid to pay royalties for the use of the Marvel name in their park. While I would hate to see the Marvel part leave Island of Adventures, I would welcome a complete Marvel park made on Disney domain. I know there are people that would not like this but if you like it or not, Disney is a company and a complete Marvel park would bring in a lot of people (if not done on the cheap with A+ E-ticket rides) and make them money.

Universal might already be looking at replacement and one other comic company already has been named. DC Comics is a rumored option for the comic section of the park and the park would not need a lot of changes. For those people that are into the history of Universal, a DC concept has been on the drawing boards before the park was finalized but it was Marvel that won it. Some of this concept art is still floating on the web. The Spider-Man ride could become a Daily Planet setting with Superman as the hero. But what about DC Comics and the Six Flags deal? Well, it could be that Universal could strike a deal with DC to use their characters in Orlando only, where there is no Six Flags park to compete with.

There are rumors that Universal is also looking at a Transformers overhaul for the attraction. With a Transformers attraction to open in Universal Singapore in 2011 and another one in Universal Studios in 2012, this could be a given.

At the moment the Marvel Island will stay intact, but the question is for how much longer. I love that part of the park, and being a big Rogue (from the X-Men) fan I would hate to see her big billboard disappear.

So what do you think? Will Disney buy out Universal? Will we get a Marvel park on Disney domain if they do so? And what would replace the Marvel section of Universal? Let us know what you think.

Rumor Via Screamscape

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