Working at Disney… not so Favorable

Disney came in on 41st place on most blissful places to work in the USA. This according to a study made by the jobsite According to the study the biggest concern of the people asked about favorable places to work at is the fact that Disney is more concerned about the profit as it is on their workers who are given very low wages or whom have to constantly fight for benefits. Even a risky job at the US Army does a lot better. Soldiers are at high risk if they have to go to Afghanistan or Iraq, but the US army still makes it all the way to 11th place on the list.

The top 25 looks as follow.

  1. Google
  2. 3M Company
  4. DTE Energy
  5. US Air Force
  6. Qualcomm
  7. Army National Guard
  8. United States Marine Corps
  9. United States Navy
  10. LSI Logic
  11. US Army
  12. Charles Schwab
  13. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  14. TRW
  15. Freddie Mac
  16. Johnson & Johnson
  17. Ameritech
  18. Abbott Laboratories
  19. Baker Hughes
  20. The Boeing Company
  21. Cisco Systems
  22. Texas Instruments
  23. Wyeth
  24. City of Los Angeles
  25. Marriott International
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