The Artists of Tangled

The big news earlier today regarding the upcoming animated Disney feature TANGLED was the release of the latest trailer (which turned out to be rather funny if you ask me) but what maybe should have been the bigger news – at least among those of us who are really interested in the hard work that goes into making such a feature and the artists involved in it – is another youtube video that was released today outside the official Disney channels: a look at the artists that created / are still busy creating the magic of TANGLED:

Take the 6 1/2 minutes and enjoy this look at the artists behind the scenes… it’s ┬áno “making-off” or documentary and neither is it a trailer or sneek peek – just a fun opportunity to go face to face with the artists respectively a chance to finally add a face to some of the names from those end credits…

Why can’t something like this be substituted for a part of the end-credits? If not on the big screen, then maybe at least as special alternative on a Blu-Ray / DVD release for the fans? The video certainly is professional enough if you ask me.

Before one wonders one final clarification: the song used for the video above is “Come Talk To Me” performed by Bon Iver.┬áThis cover version of the song originally by Peter Gabriel was released by the label Jagjaguwar in celebration of Record Store Day on April 17, 2010 as a limited edition. It is not a new song written for TANGLED or related to TANGLED in any way.

And finally here for those who missed it also the latest official trailer by Disney for Tangled:

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