54 Different Star Tour Experiences

With the new Star Tours attraction opening getting closer, Disney starts to share more news. One exiting news is that the ride will not just be a new ride, but one with 54 possible different experiences. It will be difficult to ride every experience during your visit to the parks. It will even be very unlikely you’ll experience the same ride twice in a row, or even at all, when you visit Star Tours. Sounds very exciting and a reason to ride the attraction again and again. It will be interesting to see if Disney will announce this in some way at the attraction’s entrance as not everybody rides attractions multiple times to find that out for themselves.

Also new will be your tour guide, or should we say tour droid. A couple of days ago Disney released pictures and info about the new attraction droids. The first one will be named Ace and a second droid will be named Aly San San and might be related to a waitress droid seen in Attack of the Clones as she will be modeled using the resemblance of the droid in the movie.

Expect more news regarding the new experience to be shared by Disney on a regular basis until the attraction will open its doors next year.

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Picture copyrights Disney

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2 Responses to “54 Different Star Tour Experiences”

  1. EverythingMouse Says:

    It is good that the ride experiences are going to be different each time. Star Tours was one of my favorite rides but the only problem was that you just got used to it, so the effect really did wear off!

  2. Nelly Says:

    I agree with you EverythingMouse… constant experience or fun is very tiring to sometimes so as much as possible there should be changes, more thrill, and new blending for the people to experience and enjoy. I have tried the Star Tour and it is really fun but addition would be very much appreciated.

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