Tron Comic Adaptation (updated)

With Marvel being owned by Disney we can’t be surprised to see Disney related comics to appear. Movie adaptations are very common so, again to no surprise, a Tron Original movie adaptation would hit the shelves too. Marvel will release the “Tron: Original Movie Adaptation 1” in November. Release date is set for September 3rd.

This is more then a month before the next movie will hit the theaters (December 17) and should be a good reed before the sequel comes out.

I have the comic on my pull list!

Picture copyrights Marvel

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4 Responses to “Tron Comic Adaptation (updated)”

  1. Maxine Hechmer Says:

    I hope Tron Legacy beats out Yogi Bear this winter. They both are getting released the same weekend, and we all know that movies aimed at children usually win by a lot. Oh well we will have to see!

  2. Johnny Tremain Says:

    I think this particular comic adaptation is from the Original- original movie :) (1982) Which of course is brilliant! That isnt to say there wont be a Tron legacy graphic adaptation of course in fact cant wait!

  3. Andy De Maertelaere Says:

    Johnny. You are correct. I was the quick on this one. Changed the blog entry!

  4. Nelly Says:

    I always love to see the adaptation of comic stories into movies… I agree this recent Tron adaptation is another excellent job by Disney. I always support Disney Movies. Actually, I am an avid fan of Marvel so the combination of the two really strikes me.

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