Paris or Disneyland Paris

That’s been the question on my mind when I was in Paris this weekend. We had a trip planned to Paris without a visit to Disneyland. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was big priority, also a visit on top of the Arce du Triomphe was on the list. A visit to  Montmartre, a walk next to the river Seine and a stroll down Champs-Élysées was also on the program. I could even visit a couple of comic book stores at the Latin Quarter. But I couldn’t help myself, Disneyland Paris was so close and it was on my mind. Toy Story Playland just opened and I would not go and visit it? How could I do this… Well, it looks like I couldn’t. Come Sunday I was on the RER and hopped over to visit my beloved park.

I made sure to go early enough as it was going to be packed for sure. At 9am I was at the shareholders club for a quick cup of coffee before going to the studios. I made my way over to the Studios at 9:30 and was amazed by the queues at the gates. Luckily I was able to pick the shortest and fastest moving queue and was in there around 9:45 making my way to Toy Story Playland. Most visitors where making a run for Tower of Terror or Crush. Lucky for those going to see Buzz and his friends as there where no queues there yet. I made my way to RC Racers and got into a fantastic looking queue. This is how Disney queues should look like, what a difference compared to the Crush queue. A real gem! For the ride itself, I only had to wait 1 cycle before I could go on. While I was watching the ride I did notice how short it was. The loading and unloading took longer then the ride itself. However, once on it I had a blast. This ride is so much fun, I wanted to go on it again. But they queue it formed was enormous. While I only waited for a couple of minutes the queue already formed looked like a good hour and more. Loving the ride, but I will not queue for an hour to go a second time.

To the Parachutes instead. Single riders line! (best invention ever). And while some seats stayed empty on a second cycle, it took only three cycles before I could go on and enjoy this little parachute drop. Yep, got my seal of approval, another fun ride. Didn’t think I would enjoy it as I love those big drop towers and couldn’t imagine that little drop would be a thrill. It put a smile on my face, so I was happy.

One more ride to go, Slinky! The queue was well over 1 hour and it wasn’t even 11am yet. I couldn’t force myself to enter the queue and would let it go for now. I’ll be back soon enough and was already over the moon that I could alter my trip to see the new Toy Story Playland. Enjoyed the land a little before I would go for my ToT FastPass trip.

While I was a little worried about Toy Story Playland and the attractions being to common and fair-like, Disney proofed it has the magic to make it work. The area looks amazing and the themeing is top notch. I love the RC queue, a really awesome looking area. There is so much going on in Toy Storyland theme wise I am sure I missed a whole bunch of it on this first trip. Can’t wait to go again and see all the stuff I didn’t the first time around.

Before heading back to Paris I was able to enter the Disneyland park to See Captain EO. While I was never a big fan when I saw it all those years back I can now only express my happiness on the return of this classic. I enjoyed it a lot and I can only hope it will remain there for a long, long time. Beats the Shrinking attraction! After that I got some lunch in the Blue Lagoon before my Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast FastPass was valid. Got to hit the 100,000  Zurg target in the first room 5 times and then my gun stopped working. Could not go to my 999,999 score because of it. Still had fun. Phantom Manor was the perfect ending for the short visit. Only a 5 minute wait. Also Big Thunder Mountain had a queue of “only” 55 minutes. See what happens when you build a winner in the Studios! People where there as the queue at Crush was already clocking at 120 minutes at 11am.

Great, great time I had. It shows me what a Disney geek I am and that I will never, ever plan a Paris trip without Disney again. I just can’t do it!

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