Own a Piece of Lost

It’s done, the fantastic Lost series has come to an end and is now looking for full closure with an auction including over 1000 lots. The auction will take place on August 21 – 22, 2010, starting at 1pm (Pacific Daylight Time). The auction will take place at the Barker Hanger, 3021 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405. Pre-registration can be done online.

Some of the lots include the Dharma Van, Hurley’s Camaro, Locke’s wheelchair, parts of the airplane, Costumes of the actors, the comic books, notes, passports anda whole lot more. For the Lost and Disney fans there is also a very nice lot: Kate and Tom’s Lunchbox Timecapsule with contents including Kate’s airplane and a Mickey and Minnie statue.

Are the items a little to expensive but you would still want a nice souvenir from the show. Order the auction catalog! A nice keepsake for all Lost fans. The catalog can be ordered online for $55. You can also view the complete catalog online. Visit the Lost auction site.

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