Pirates of the Caribbean 4 PHOTOS

Are you a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise? Loving its stars? Would you love to sneak on the sets where currently the fourth installment – PotC On Stranger Tides – is being filmed? Yes?? Well … you know, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer as the producer behind the series might not be all too happy about that … BUT … there is another way to get a first glimpse of the action in the making of the upcoming 3D-release. And no, I am not talking about teaser trailers or long range telezoom shots on websites and in print magazines … I am talking realy for real close-up shots of the crews and the filming. Interested?

The best: it’s perfectly legal and doesn’t include any hefty traveling bills and sneaking onto the closed sets. All you need is a computer, an internet-connection and a browser – obviously you got those if you are already reading this post. But let’s cut the shatter short:

Jerry Bruckheimer is twittering photos he takes on the set frequently in his personal twitter account! So all you need to do is visit his twitter page at http://twitter.com/BruckheimerJB and you’ll find his latest photos. Jerry Bruckheimer is known to take lots of documentary (as well as fun) photos and some video during the shots of his movies some of which had been released as bonus material on the DVD-sets of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the past. But now you get the photos while the production still runs!

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