Captain EO – more CONFIRMATIONS & Dates

As several readers (Thank You!) of the coverage for the return of “Captain EO” to Disneyland Paris on have pointed out the official blog for the Disney Parks, operated by The Walt Disney Company, has just provided the  first official, public(!) confirmation for the return of “Captain EO” to both, EPCOT and Disneyland Paris!

The post event releases what at this point should be the official opening dates. Based on the blog guests of EPCOT will be able to visit Mickey Jackson fighting for peace and love as of July 2, while guests at Disneyland Paris only need to wait till June 12 (so even earlier than the prior rumored June 25 date). For Tokyo the opening according to the post is June 30, however, the official press release of Tokyo Disney Resort listed July 1st as opening date.

As the Disney Parks Blog usualy centers around the Disney Resorts in the US the fact that it was the first place to officially confirm in the public the return of “Captain EO” to Disneyland Paris as well is a rare event. Interestingly the blog post went online only today, April 28, but lists April 23 as the authoring date. So it looks as if the blog originally had planned to reveal the news the past Friday but for some unknown reason delayed the post (and then someone forgot to adjust the date).

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