Tron Anticipation

For the second week in a row Alice in Wonderland came up on top in the box office. During this second weekend my family and me went to see it. I was looking forwards to see the movie and, as expected, was not going to be disappointed. It was awesome, another gem from Tim Burton. But what really made my day was the trailer we got the see before the movie. Yes, it isn’t new and I’ve seen it already online, but to get to see it on a big screen was amazing. Even with the great feature movie still to come I couldn’t help myself dreaming away and thinking about what I had just witnessed watching the Tron Legacy trailer. Never ever has the anticipation been bigger to see a movie with this one.

I don’t run to the theater when a new movie comes out. I can wait a couple of weeks, sometimes even months, before I go and watch it. Why should I cramp myself up in a room full of popcorn munching people when I can enjoy the movie on a later date in an almost empty and quiet cinema room. I can enjoy a movie a lot more like this. But with Tron I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long. I’ll be in the theater on day one, and if I can, on the first showing.

Living in Belgium I might even be able to beat the US release. If released worldwide on the same week we will get to see it on 16 December (the same date set for the Netherlands, Argentina, and Australia). A full day before the US release (plus time zone difference). Fans living in France can get to see to movie even earlier. Release date is set for 15th. While I would be tempted to go and see it in France and add a Disneyland Paris visit to that trip, it’s easy to stop me from doing this as they dub their movies.

Had to wait 28 years for this, but can’t wait any longer!…

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4 Responses to “Tron Anticipation”

  1. Falling Monkey Says:

    Can’t wait for Tron myself!! I live in Tokyo though so I am not sure how soon it will come here. I haven’t met a person yet here that knows of the original…

  2. Darrin Says:

    Can not WAIT for this flick!! I need to rent the 1st one and watch it with the kids prior to seeing the new one!

  3. Jim Says:

    Did you see the new Tron Monorail (Tronorail)? I have a video of it:

    Pretty cool!

  4. Andy De Maertelaere Says:

    Nice one Jim. I so want to go on that one! (total Tron geek that I am)

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