First Man on the Moon was Buzz Lightyear

According to the English newspaper Sunday Telegraph, 10% of the British children believe that the first man on the moon was Buzz Lightyear and not Neil Armstrong. Buzz isn’t the only name mention in this questionnaire. Others are Sir Richard Branson, American cyclists Lance Armstrong and Luke Skywalker…

The article doesn’t state how many children did get it right. It would have been interesting to know.

Well at least Buzz is an astronaut, he could have been the first! Maybe Buzz should put Mars on top of his to do list!

Picture copyright Disney

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2 Responses to “First Man on the Moon was Buzz Lightyear”

  1. Engus Noone Says:

    That and bad teeth – gotta love the Brits!

  2. Leaping Lamp Says:

    Yes, when I saw this story I wasn’t sure whether to be amused or alarmed!

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