Joe Jonas in ABC show

Depsite having received a nomination for the Razzies Joe Jonas seems to have a growing interest in becoming an actor and not “limiting” himself to his career in music. The member of all brothers’ trio The Jonas Brothers whichDisney made into the latest pop-phenomenon for the audience of The Disney Channel and Radio Disney (after they had failed to come out big when Sony released their debut album), is going to guest star in one of ABC’s big Sunday evening shows: Brothers & Sisters. Whether one likes the music of The Jonas Brothers or has any interest in the brothers it is just amazing how well the various segments of The Walt Disney Company group manage to work together to create and now sustain the success of this band and even branch it out into new markets, as “Brothers & Sisters” surely is not the regular tv-fare of the fans of the band.

Joe Jonas should be showing up in two episodes later this season as the show (airing in the USA right after Desperate Housewifes) is preparing a two-part flashback in which viewers will be traveling back in time to meet the Walker siblings as young teens. So obviously the big question was who was going to play the younger versions of the family members of the Walker family around whom the show evolves. Which brings us back to Joe Jonas…

E! Online’s “Watch with Kristin” blog managed to get the hands on the current casting list which revealed that Joe Jonas will play Tommy Walker as a teenager – standing in for Balthazar Getty, the actor of the adult Tommy Walker. More names from the list? Calista Flockhart’ (internationally best remembered as Ally McBeal) Kitty McCallister (prior to her wedding: Kitty Walker) teenage alter ego will be played by Kay Panabaker. To learn for which other characters’ teenage alter egos already casting decisions seem to have been I recommend checking out the post on Dennis Ayer’s Blog on AfterElton since he even went to the length of setting the photos of the actors playing the characters as adult respectively teenager next to each other for comparison.

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