The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and the Razzies

You can’t say Oscars without thinking about the Razzie Awards. While Disney/Pixar with UP is going for the big one at the Oscars, the Jonas brothers will have to defend their honors at the Razzies. Although they might be less happy with the nominations. The Razzies celebrate the worst of 2009 movie year and the Jonas Brothers are nominated in two of the categories. All three Jonas brothers are nominated for Worst Actor of 2009 and “Any Two (or More)” are also nominated for Worst Screen Couple of 2009. Both nominations are for The Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience. In the second category they are up against Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox OR Any Transformer. Talking about major competition…

Another Disney star up against Megan Fox is Miley Cyrus who is nominated for her work in Hannah Montana: The Movie. She could be named Worst Actress of 2009. Others on this list include Beyonce, Sandra Bullock (who is also nominated for an Oscar this year) and Sarah Jessica Parker. Miley Cyrus will not have to go to the Razzie celebration on her own. Billy Ray Cyrus is also nominated, he could be crowned Worst Supporting Actor of 2009 for his work in the same movie as his daughter.

You can see all other nominies on the Razzies website.

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