Congratulations to Michael Giacchino

It’s that time of the year again … not Christmas time … it’s award season! This Sunday the Grammies were handed out and once again congratulations can be extended for the work on one of the soundtracks from the Disney stable. In this case the congratulations go to Michael Giacchino as the composer of the score for the Disney Pixar hit “UP” for which he was awarded with the Grammy in the category “Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media” (which is award to composer(s) for an original score created specifically for, or as a companion to, a current legitimate motion picture, television show or series or other visual media). To win this award Michael Giacchino die beat out Alexandre Desplat (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button), Nicholas Hooper (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Danny Elfman (Milk) and himself (for Star Trek). But wait … there’s more …

… as if that wasn’t award Michael Giacchino was also able to take home a second Grammy once Sunday came to a close – this time for “Best Instrumental Composition”, a composer’s award for an original composition (not an adaptation) first released during the eligibility year. The track he won this award with? “Married Life” once again from Disney Pixar’s “UP” where it underscores the montage of scenes from the married life of the movie’s hero.

It’s becoming more and more of an embarrassement for Walt Disney Records that the stunning score of Michael Giacchino (who came up with what might very well be his strongest score so far for any movie) for “UP” was limited to a digital only release (stopping many non-die-hard-fans from buying it) while the widely (and IMHO, for it being at best mediocre, rightfully) ignored score and songs for “The Princess and the Frog” by Randy Newman got a wide CD release – and have achieved neither public nor critic success.

But back to the Grammy Awards Sunday – and just for the statistics: there was one more nomination for “UP” at the Grammies: in the category “Best Instrumental Arrangement” in which the work of Michael Giacchino and Tim Simonec in arranging Michael Giacchino’s “Up With End Credits” from the score had been nominated. For those interested in all the details and many other winners: all of that can be found on the official website of the award. In the meantime let’s celebrate two awards for Michael Giacchino and his great work for “UP” – congratulations for the two Grammies (and hopefully many more awards).

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