Jack Sparrow, Spidey & Thor

With The Walt Disney Company having taken control of the comic juggernaut Marvel the Walt Disney Company is now in the unique position of having its (well, Marvel’s) characters getting brought to the big movie screen by various with TWDC competing studios and via various with TWDC competing distribution companies, such as Paramount Distribution (e.g. for Thor being produced by Marvel Studios) or Sony (for Spiderman). Speaking of Spidey 4 as well as Thor … during the recent hours the news on these two projects have been exploding impacting even Disney’s very own Pirates of the Caribbean franchise…

Already a couple of days ago came the news that Sam Rami, director of all three Spiderman movies starring Tobey Maguire so far, had problems with the latest script for movie four, scheduled to open May 11, 2011. Then yesterday Nikki Finke broke the big news on Deadline: Hollywood: it has been decided to reboot the Spiderman franchise! In other words: they start from scrap again, with a new story, a new director, a new actor as Spiderman … and – as turns out to be especially interesting for fans of Jack Sparrow – a new start date, most probably sometime in summer 2012 (which is assumed should allow them to shoot the movie even in 3D).

As Spiderman 4 was to be expected to rule the box office upon its release other studios had carefully avoided releasing any of their big movies on the same day. With May 11, 2011 now “available” again Paramount (according to Nikki Finke) moved its movie based on Marvel’s “Thor” to a May 6, 2011 release date (the first day of filming for “Thor” apparently wrapped this week) instead of the original envisioned May 20, 2011. Ok, still nothing about Jack Sparrow … but here Disney comes into the play:

With “Thor” vacating May 20, 2011 as start date Jack Sparrow is now set to rule the date with Disney’s fourth installement of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides). Being the sole major adventure / action movie on a date certainly improves the chances of a movie at the box offices. However, any start date that far off certainly is subject to future changes e.g. because of delays during the pre-production, filming or post-production process – or even for strategical reasons should other studios also play around with their start dates now that Spidey has moved on to 2012… we’ll keep an eye on that for all you Pirates of the Caribbeans fans out there!

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