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Walt Disney World fans can be very exited about the plans Disney has for Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland. The “new” Fantasyland looks very promising and will give a new boost to Disney classics inside the Magic Kingdom. But before we can see the magic unveiled, guest will be walking on a big construction site in the very near future. While Disney will do anything they can to make the visit to the park and fantasyland as pleasant as possible during the rehab, it will not be easy to ignore the big works that will be taking place their. The whole project might take up 4 years before completion. Looking at this time line Disney will make sure not the whole of Fantasyland will be closed down, but will divide the work over the time.

If you plan a visit to the Magic Kingdom over the next year make sure to check what rides or area will be closed of. Like this you can warn the youngster to avoid disappointment if one of the Fantasyland Classics would be closed down.

We at Mousekingdom will keep you updated during the works whenever we can or get some news. Planning a visit during the rehab and want to share some pictures here, just send them to us and we  will show it to the Disney fans around th world.

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2 Responses to “Fantasyland: Future Building site”

  1. Simon Veness Says:

    This is certainly going to be a very serious issue for Disney in the months ahead. The finished project should be a great addition but getting there could well involve some growing pains. However, Disney’s Imagineers have always done a great job in keeping the ‘magic’ hidden in projects like this in the past, but this could very well test their capabilities to the limit because it will involve SUCH a big area of the MK. Definitely one to keep an eye on, but hopefully something they’ll overcome with their usual style.

  2. dgivenss Says:

    This article is full of errors and typos; looks like an 8-year old wrote it.

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