Spider-Man Going to Shanghai?

AmazingFantasy15Could this rumor be the first indication that Disney will start to use the big Marvel Comic characters collection in their new parks? The imagineers have been asked to look at the Marvel super heroes and the stories and how to use them in new attractions. They might not find a home in any of the US parks at this time. Especially with the big Marvel theme already at Island of Adventure next door. (and the fact they have the sole rights to use it in a theme park).

Good idea? To use the Marvel characters and to put new rides out there; yes! But to put it in a Disneyland park? I am not sure how they would want to fit that in. If it would be in a second gate they can make it work. But, even being a massive Marvel fan myself, I do think it should stay out of the main gate.

Source; Screamscape

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