Disney Acquires Marvel Entertainment

Walt Disney Company agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc for $4 billion. This could be one of the biggest media deals of this year, but is certainly Disney’s biggest acquisition since the $7,6 billion Pixar deal in 2006. Marvel is the home of 5000 characters, many of them with a big history. Mickey will now be able to welcome such characters as Captain America, The X-Men, The Avengers, The Hulk and many more. I never thought I would be able to mention Mickey Mouse and Wolverine in the same sentence, but this has now changed.


Disney will be able to use their massive marketing programs to promote anything from Marvel to expand the well known brand even more. While Marvel movies already did very well at the box office, new movies such as Spider-Man 4 and Avengers will benefit from even more exposure. This on Cable TV or even in and around the parks.

The last one is especially interesting. What will happen to Islands of Adventures and their Marvel Super Hero Island? With the Marvel characters under Disney’s wings, Universal will have to pay royalties to Disney. This might not be a cooperation that could work. If Disney wants to use the characters in their own theme parks, or a new one, Island of Adventures might have to get ready for a big change and will need a modification for all Marvel related rides. The Hulk coaster would be easy, a repaint could do the job, even if it would loose a lot of its appeal but what would happen to the Spider-Man attraction?

The Marvel universe is so big, one could build a whole park related to these characters. I know I would go and visit! (I have been collecting comics for over 25 years and am crazy about Marvel). Disney could easily use these characters for a new park (one can dream). Disney wouldn’t want a rival park to use “their” characters. This could turn out to be one interesting Theme Park war!

Disney parks and Marvel parks in one spot! That would be my ultimate theme park dream come alive!

Picture copyrighs Marvel Entertainment Inc.

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2 Responses to “Disney Acquires Marvel Entertainment”

  1. Darrin Says:

    I wonder just how much Disney will incorporate the Marvel family into the parks? Or.. if there will ever be plans for an amusement park saturated with Marvel rides etc?

  2. Marnix Says:

    According to an artikel in the Orlando Sentinel Universal has exclusive rights to using specific characters in themeparks east of the Mississippi. This license only ends when Universal quits exploiting Marvel Super hero Island in IoA. Meaning Disney will be limited in using Spiderman, Hulk an dr. Doom in WDW, but has no limitations in Disneyland Resort. Expected is that Marvel characters will appear in DCA first. No word on the Paris Resort.

    Full story can be found here:

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