Prices UP for Disneyland Too

Disneyland in Anaheim has raised their ticket prices too (see Walt Disney World Ticket Price going UP!). A one day adult pass will now set you back $72 and a one day child pass will be available for $62. That’s $3 up for each ticket.

Did you know that in 1981 you could buy a Disneyland Ticket for $10,75…

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2 Responses to “Prices UP for Disneyland Too”

  1. Joe Shelby Says:

    In 1981, a Disneyland Ticket was still on the ABCDE Ticket system, so it got you in the gate with a few ABC’s, but you still needed to buy more tix for the good stuff.

    All-Access passes were in the limited experimental stage then, reserved for large groups (like, say, the dependents of the sailors in a large U.S. Navy fleet spending 6 months at sea, in my father’s case, the Constellation).

    By the time we hit WDW in 1982 (having moved back to the east coast), they’d made the transition to the all-access as a general ticket (or you could still use ABCDE), but it was costly, closer to $30-$40. This means the price is actually almost comparable when adjusting for inflation.

    By 1984, ABCDE was gone in WDW.

  2. Andy De Maertelaere Says:

    Hi Joe, and all Blog visitors

    I was thinking about this when adding the 1981 ticket price and wasn’t sure if I should start on the 1982 ticket price. It’s indeed not correct to compare the 1981 price without explaining the group only option that was attached to it. I just thought it to be a nice tidbit.

    Thank you for your explanation on this. You must be a real Disney history fan!

    For those wondering; The 1982 ticket was $12 and as from 1984 one had to pay $14. 1985 tickets went for $18…

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