Gallery 2 – Hollywood (1923-1928)

oswaldReady for another treat coming straight from the Walt Disney Family Museum? Well here it is. The second gallery will again host some amazing Walt Disney treasures, including the telegram send by Roy to Walt which read “Don’t worry everything OK will give details when arrive”.

There is also picture of the marriage license and certificate of Walt and Lillian and a great drawing of Oswald from 1927. Feast your eyes on these gems in this second preview…

Gallery 2 – Hollywood (1923-1928)

telegramWalt arrived in California in 1923 hoping to find work as a director. But when he received a contract for his own work, he launched Disney Bros. Studio with his brother Roy. By the end of 1924, Walt was focusing on story development and directing and was no longer working as an animator. After several business setbacks, Disney created Mickey Mouse, which established Disney Bros. Studio as the leading animation studio in the country. With the third Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Willie, Walt joined the vanguard of the talking-picture revolution by creating an animated film with synchronized sound. Both Walt and Roy Disney married during this period, Walt to Lillian Bounds, a studio inker.

marriagelicenseOriginal artwork, including the earliest known drawings of Mickey Mouse, will illustrate Disney’s sensational success with his character. Other exhibit highlights include business correspondence between Walt and Roy, the move to the new Hyperion Studios, where Disney created four of its great animation features, and Walt’s meeting with and marriage to Lillian Bounds.

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All photos copyright by Disney Enterprises Inc. / courtesy Walt Disney Family Foundation
Description courtesy The Walt Disney Family Museum

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