Ghosts Take Over Space Mountain

HongKongSpaceMountainGhostsDisney and Halloween, it’s the perfect combination and always a lot of fun. One of these fun changes during a Halloween season was the “Ghost Galaxy” Space Mountain overlay in Hong Kong Disneyland back in 2007. This time the ghosts will come to the original Disneyland park to take over Space Mountain.

The Halloween celebration with the ghosts take over will take place from September 25th through November 1st.

Picture copyrights Disney (Hong Kong Ghost Galaxy)

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One Response to “Ghosts Take Over Space Mountain”

  1. Justin Painter Says:

    It would be nice for Disneyland to have 2 back to back holiday seasons : Halloween and Christmas. Of course Disneyland has owned Christmas for years in the theme park game in SoCal. But other parks, mainly Knott’s, has had a hold on Halloween. I think Disney should take the idea of a kid friendly Halloween (Knott’s, Universal, Queen Mary are all very gory adult centered but fun) Halloween and run with it. Maybe next year a Halloween parade.

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