Mickey Mouse Chocolates

LeonidasDisney1There are a couple of things Belgium is famous for, one of them is their chocolates. Leonidas is  possibly the most famous Belgium Chocolates brand known all over the world. It has stores everywhere! To widen their range of chocolates they are now offering a new kind of yummies. Together with Disney they created a new box filled with nice chocolates with a Mickey Head form on top them. I have a feeling Minnie loves these chocolates a lot…

Leonidas is proofing to be a very healthy business with a turnover of $423 million dollars. It had a growth of 3%, even in these difficult times. It is expected the company will grow with another 1 to 2% next fiscal year. They have 350 shops in Belgium, 350 in France, 260 more in the rest of Europe, 86 in Asia and In the US there are about 80 shops. Need to find a shop near you to try the new Disney chocolates? Visit their website and “find a store near you

Picture copyright Leonidas

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