Area (Background) Music at Disneyland Resort Paris

Instrumental music playing through (more or less) hidden speakers placed all over the Disney theme parks and even the areas outside the theme parks accessible to guests in the Disney resorts is one of the key elements in setting the atmosphere and making sure guests are totally immersed in the world of Disney. Frequently guests do not even notice the music except unconsciously as it is (mostly) cleverly selected for the different areas to fit the theme of each area. However, once it is noticed guests frequently fall in love with the music selections and enquire with cast members in the area or (in the Disneyland Park) City Hall whether the music is available for sale in the park. Unfortunately the answer is mostly no – even so in particular at the Disneyland Resort Paris CD releases such as “Frontierland en musique” and “Disneyland Resort Paris en musique” at least include a few selected background / area music tracks.

The problem with the majority of the background / area music however is, that it is not recorded specifically for Disney but is so called “needle drop” material, meaning tracks taken directly from other (in most cases: commercially available) record releases. So one would hope, that the resorts are maybe able, to provide a list which tracks are playing in which area (in other words: in which music loop) and from which sources they are. However, the information cast members have at their disposal is very limited in msot cases. This certainly does apply to the Disneyland Resort Paris. Therefore, one of the frequent questions asked on the web is: “Which music is playing in the background loop at ____? Anyone knowing where I can get it?” Luckily there is an answer as far as where to get the information…

There used to be a website that had long listing of tracks in various loops mostly from the Disney resorts in Orlando and Anaheim. However, that site hasn’t been updated for a long time and continues outdated and in many cases inaccurate information. So where to go? Well, I would propose to check out the Magic Music Forums, where Disney music aficionados amongst others work together to create actual accurate track listing for the various loops, so that anyone interested can then go ahead and buy the source CDs to re-create the loop at home. Unfortunately, the projects are mostly centered around the US resorts again. So for everyone interested in the music from DLRP the information is limited…

However, one member of the Magic Music Forums going by the screen name / nick Eyore is actually concentrating on creating track listings for the various area music loops of the Disneyland Resort Paris. To post his lists and keep everyone interested in his progress (as well as enlist further support from anyone interested) he has lately set up his own blog dedicated to DLRP area music, so that soon enough anyone interested may be able to buy the necessary CDs to recreate the loops from DLRP as well! There is already some great information regarding the original music loop playing on the moving walkway from the main parking lot to the Fantasia Gardens in the early years, the Big Thunder Mountain station area as well as such diverse locations as Toad Hall. So if you are interested in the background / area music loops at DLRP I recommend you check out Eyore’s Blog.


P.S.: you might have noticed that since earlier this year there are rarely any posts with news from the Disneyland Resort Paris on the Mousekingdom Blog – well, that is due to the fact that the Mousekingdom Blog is part of the Mousekingdom family, which also includes the website that covers the Disneyland Resort Paris. After a prolonged period in which the site was more or less dormant the site got restarted earlier this year and has updated its News & Rumors section to a full blown blog, the Newsblog. So if you are looking for news & rumors from DLRP check it out, certainly there is a feed available as well – for your convencience there is also a small overview over the most recent posts on the blog at the bottom of the far right column here in the Mousekingdom Blog. Certainly we will continue to post about DLRP here as well, but mostly opinion pieces or more posts not related to news or rumors such as the present one. Let us know what you think about this concept!

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