Asterix and Obelix visit Disneyland Resort Paris

Asterix-ObelixIt might confuse some of the younger guests when they see Asterix and Obelix appear in a Disney park but it happened in Disneyland Paris. Two members of a group called “Mafia Du Rire (Mafia of Laughter) dressed up as the two characters and started to disturb the Once Upon A Time Parade. If people wanted to see Asterix and Obelix they would drive to Parc Asterix, about 45 minutes from Disneyland Paris. I am sure it’s not something Disney guests want to see. Especially those who only visit once and get an unintended alternate parade.

As you can imagine, this is not something I support and I was even thinking about not adding anything in the blog about it. At the end of the day, by adding it to the blog, I am making some advertisement for their hoax and might give them some extra traffic to their website, youtube video or group. Therefore I will not embed the video, but you can still see it here (if you want)

So what do you, as Disney fans, think about these actions. I just hope they got into trouble with it as security did caught them… Oh and please, no copycats! It’s not funny…

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